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Social Media Enhance Online Social Support Seeking: The Chain-Mediating Effects of Social Capital and Psychological Resilience
作者 王韻、張葉
Author Yun WANG, Ye ZHANG
關鍵詞 在線社會支持尋求、社交媒體、社會資本、心理韌性、媒介效果
Keywords online social support seeking, social media, social capital, mental resilience, media effect
摘要 社交媒體環境下,在線社會支持尋求是個人應對逆境的重要手段,體現了社交媒體用戶與他人、社會的在線連接傾向。本研究聚焦在線社會支持尋求行為及影響該行為的因素,考察人們的社交媒體使用對在線社會支持尋求的影響,以及結構、關係和認知三個緯度的社會資本和心理韌性在兩者之間是否存在連續中介作用。研究運用網絡問卷調查法,對中國大陸的社交媒體用戶進行抽樣,共獲得1,069 份有效問卷。研究發現,社交媒體用戶的教育程度和年收入對在線社會支持尋求有顯著正向影響,受教育程度和年收入水平越高的群體,在線社會支持尋求的行為頻率越高。社交媒體使用能夠正向預測在線社會支持尋求行為頻率,三個緯度的社會資本和心理韌性分別在兩者之間發揮了中介作用,結構和認知緯度的社會資本和心理韌性在此關係中還發揮了鏈式中介作用。
Abstract In the context of social media, seeking online social support is an important means of coping with adversity, reflecting the tendency of social media users to connect online with others and society. This study focuses on online social support-seeking behavior and its influential factors. It also examines the effects of people’s social media use on online social support, seeking to determine whether there is a continuous mediating effect between social capital and psychological resilience in the three dimensions of structure, relationship, and cognition. In this study, an online survey was used to obtain 1,069 valid questionnaires from a nationwide sample of social media users. The study found that the education level and annual income of social media users have a significant positive impact on online social support seeking. The higher the level of education and annual income, the higher the frequency of online social support-seeking behavior. The dimensions of social capital and psychological resilience played mediating roles, and the structural and cognitive dimensions of social capital and psychological resilience played chain- mediating roles in this relationship. These findings indicate that social media use can positively predict the frequency of online social support-seeking behavior.


王韻、張葉(2024)。〈社交媒體使用如何增進在線社會支持尋求:社會資本與心理韌性的鏈式中介作用〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第67 期,頁185–217。

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Wang, Y., & Zhang, Y. (2024). Social media enhance online social support seeking: The chain-mediating effects of social capital and psychological resilience. Communication and Society, 67, 185–217.
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