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不確定時代中的生命經驗、 跨學科知識生產與批判性反思
Lived Experience, Inter-Disciplinary Knowledge Production and Critical Reflections in an Age of Uncertainty
作者 對談人:楊國斌、陳昶文、林聖鈞、邱林川
Author Discussants: Guobin YANG, Changwen CHEN, Shengjun LIN, Jack Linchuan QIU
摘要 「疫情以來我一直在思考這樣一些問題:即包括我自己在內的學術界,我們所生產出來的學術話語,是否真正有益於社會?如何才能真正有益於社會?如何不給我們自己和我們的族裔、社群帶來意外傷害?以共情的和充滿希望的精神來做研究,對回答這個問題頗有助益。當然,樂觀的精神,絕不是否定批判,希望恰恰是批判的生命力所在。」
Abstract Humanity is in jeopardy. International conflicts, economic upheavals, wars, diseases, racism, and xenophobia are inflicting untold harm on ordinary people, the poor, and minorities. How will communication scholars respond? In this conversation, we argue that, more than ever before, communication scholars ought to engage these fateful issues in their research. Furthermore, our critical analysis will be enriched and strengthened, not softened, by infusing it with an ethos of empathy, care, love, and hope. We encourage emerging scholars, especially our graduate students, to believe in their own lived experience as a criterion of knowledge as established theories and concepts begin to lose their relevance in an unsettled world.


楊國斌、陳昶文、林聖鈞、邱林川(2024)。〈不確定時代中的生命經驗、跨學科知識生產與批判性反思〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第67 期,頁1–34。

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Yang, G., Chen, C., Lin, S., & Qiu, J. L. (2024). Lived experience, inter-disciplinary knowledge production and critical reflections in an age of uncertainty. Communication and Society, 67, 1–34.
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