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Consensual Propaganda: Market-Oriented Newspaper and Production of Visual Ordinary Heroism in the 2020 Pandemic Period in China
作者 李艷紅、劉佳諾
Author Yanhong LI, Jianuo LIU
關鍵詞 合意式宣傳、市場化報紙、英雄主義、肖像攝影、公共危機
Keywords propaganda, market-oriented newspapers, heroism, portrait photography, public crisis
摘要 當代中國宣傳體制的調適性變遷吸引了越來越多的學術關注,然而現有研究往往忽略了對市場化報紙在當代宣傳體系之獨特角色的認識。在新的歷史條件下,自改革開放以來曾經一度萌生專業主義且一度處於國家宣傳體系相對邊緣位置的市場化報紙,正在能動和創造性地參與到國家主導的宣傳工程之中,值得給予觀察和研究。本文嘗試通過解析2020年新冠疫情期間湧現的一個被命名為「最美逆行者」系列的視覺宣傳案例來回應上述需求。文章從生產過程和文本構成兩個方面予以分析,揭示了這個宣傳案例之所以「大獲成功」的原因。研究認為,這一案例體現了在國家與媒體及社會之間關係出現分化的歷史條件下,隨著國家有意識將市場化媒體吸納進入宣傳體系核心,以及隨著後者能動參與到國家宣傳工程之中,國家、市場化媒體以及社會之間形成了一種暫時的「合意」。凡人英雄主義的視覺文本在其中扮演了重要角色,得以縫合國家意志與市場化媒體以及與多元化社會之間形成的縫隙,從而獲得各方「合意」。本案例提煉出的「合意式宣傳」概念拓展了現有關於中國宣傳調適的認識,作為文化領導權(hegemony)概念在當下中國特定社會歷史條件下的應用,具有一定的普適性的解釋力,並有助於深化理解國家宣傳的效力。
Abstract The adaptive changes in contemporary China’s propaganda system have attracted more and more academic attention. However, existing research often ignores the unique role of market-oriented newspapers in the contemporary propaganda system. Under the new historical conditions, market-oriented newspapers that once had some professionalism since the reform era and were once relatively marginalized in the national propaganda system are now actively and creatively participating in the state-led propaganda project, which is worthy of observation and research. This article attempts to respond to the above needs by analyzing a visual promotion case named “The Most Beautiful Retrograde” that emerged during the 2020 COVID-19 epidemic. The article analyzes the production process and its text composition, revealing the reasons why this propaganda case was “a great success”. The study believes that this case reflects a temporary “consensus” has been formed between the state, market-oriented media and society as the state consciously absorbs market-oriented media into the core of the propaganda system, and as the latter actively participates in the national propaganda project. The visual text of ordinary heroism plays an important role in bridging the gap between the state, market-oriented media, and diverse society, thereby gaining “consensus” from all parties. The concept of “consensual propaganda” extracted from this case expands the existing understanding of China’s propaganda adaptation under digital era. As an application of the concept of cultural hegemony under the current specific social and historical conditions in China, it has certain universal explanatory power and contribute to a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of state propaganda.


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Li, Y., & Liu, J. (2024). Consensual propaganda: Market-oriented newspaper and production of visual ordinary heroism in the 2020 pandemic period in China. Communication and Society, 68, 229–265.
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