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Structure and Characteristics of Core Researchers and Their Works in Communication Studies in Mainland China: An Empirical Analysis
作者 陳莉娟、袁曉露
Author Lijuan CHEN, Xiaolu YUAN
關鍵詞 中國傳播學、核心研究者、中國知網(CNKI)、高被引視角
Keywords communication, core researchers, CNKI, highly cited
摘要 基於世代理論,本研究通過考察四十年中國知網(CNKI)數據發現,中國大陸傳播學核心研究者呈現出轉軌的世代特徵,他們集聚於部分高校,形成「頭部效應」;科研能力呈現高校間、地區間發展不平衡的態勢;他們的高被引論文研究議題廣泛,但研究方法較為單一,重思辨、輕實證,忽視理論的應用與拓展。著作方面,經典譯作和教材較為熱門,專著尚顯不足。綜合來看,核心研究者的論著間普遍具有一定關聯,但論文往往注重探討傳播現象,著作偏向理論闡釋;二者都存在理論創新性不足等問題。
Abstract Based on generation theory, this study aimed to explore the publications of core Chinese communication researchers over a period of 40 years. The data comprised highly cited papers and highly cited works drawn from the CNKI database. The results indicate that the core researchers of communication studies in mainland China seem to group in some head-effect universities, and they were identified as a generation in transition. The research capacities of universities in different regions are imbalanced. The results showed that highly cited papers focused on a wide range of research topics that were explored using speculative and empirical methods. However, the results showed that the absence of theory in the publications hindered the development of the discipline. The highly cited works consisted of classic translations and textbooks, but there were few masterpieces. In summary, the results showed a connection between individual works. The papers tended to discuss the phenomenon of communication, while the works focused on theoretical interpretation. Both forms of published research lacked theoretical innovation.


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Chen, L., & Yuan, X. (2024). Structure and characteristics of core researchers and their works in communication studies in mainland China: An empirical analysis. Communication and Society, 68, 191–228.
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