April  2024 68
學界和公眾對人工智能認知的再思考: 當今之境,未來之航
Revisiting Scholarly and Public Perceptions of Artificial Intelligence: Current State and Future Trajectories
作者 對談人: Matthieu GUITTON、鍾布、宋韻雅
Author Discussants: Matthieu GUITTON, Bu ZHONG, Celine Yunya SONG
摘要 「人工智能之所以『人工』,是因為它由人類創造和製造。這並不意味著人類的優越性或將人工智能的物化;相反,它意味著人類以一種藝術的方式創造物體。ChatGPT是一個文本生成器,而不是人工智能。如果我們渴望超越文本生成器的能力,就必須將社會科學和人文學科的洞察融入人工智能研究中。只有這些領域能教導我們甚麼是人類,我們必須將這些經驗整合到程式碼中,才能超越目前的層次。所有這些因素表明,我們需要社會科學的程度比之前所認為的還要多。」— Matthieu Guitton教授
Abstract The emergence of large language models, such as ChatGPT, has sparked widespread interest and debates surrounding artificial intelligence (AI). Amidst this fervor, scholars and the general public hold divergent, and at times conflicting, views and expectations of AI. The complex nature of AI and the need for its responsible and thoughtful development and deployment have become highly debated topics that require immediate attention. To gain an in-depth understanding of the opportunities and challenges brought by AI, we have invited two esteemed scholars with interdisciplinary backgrounds: Prof. Matthieu Guitton and Prof. Bu Zhong. As seasoned academic editors, they also bring unparalleled expertise and provide unique perspectives on academic publishing. This conversation does not seek to provide a definitive answer; instead, it aims to maintain an open and realistic perspective in light of the ongoing evolution of AI. Both the public and the academic community are encouraged to reassess the challenges posed by AI development, define its scope and limitations, and work together to foster its responsible growth.

Matthieu GUITTON、鍾布、宋韻雅(2024)。〈學界和公眾對人工智能認知的再思考:當今之境,未來之航〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第68期,頁1–44。

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Guitton, M., Zhong, B., & Song, C. Y. (2024). Revisiting scholarly and public perceptions of artificial intelligence: Current state and future trajectories. Communication and Society, 68, 1–44.
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