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制度化公民新聞學的新聞品質與倫理問題 之初探:以台灣四家線上新聞組織的公民 平台為例
A Study of the Journalistic Qualities and Ethical Dilemmas of Institutional Citizen Journalism: Four Citizen Websites of Taiwan's News Organizations
作者 林宇玲
Author Yuling LIN
關鍵詞 制度化公民新聞學、客觀性、透明性、開放倫理、專業倫理
Keywords institutional citizen journalism, objectivity, transparency, open ethics, professional ethics
摘要 本文以內容分析法,檢視台灣四家不同經營型態的新聞公民平台,以了解制度化公民新聞學的新聞品質與倫理問題。結果發現,制度化公民新聞學的品質除受限於公民記者本身的資質與資源外,組織也是重要的影響關鍵。採用主流模式的公民平台,廣告和活動訊息的比例偏高,且缺乏作者資訊和互動回應;而非主流模式的平台,不但報導主題和敘事方式更多樣,也提供較多作者資訊和互動回應。就各平台的表現已衍生出兩個重要的倫理問題:一是新聞組織的公民平台仍未重視參與性的透明機制;二是公民平台未將廣告和新聞嚴格區分開來;導致置入性新聞滲入其中,在商業平台尤其嚴重。
Abstract This study adopts a content analysis to examine four differently operated citizen websites of news organizations in Taiwan. The aim of the study is to understand the journalistic quality and ethical issues of institutional citizen journalism. The findings showed that while quality is influenced by the resources and qualifications of citizen journalists in institutional citizen journalism, it is also affected by the operations of an organization. Based on a profit model, the analysis showed that citizen websites provided a higher proportion of advertisements and activity messages as well as the lack of author information and interactive responses. Based on a non-profit model, the analysis showed that citizen websites are more likely to feature a greater diversity of topics and narratives, details about author information, and interactive responses. The results of this study raised two important ethical issues: First, citizen platforms of news organizations neglect the importance of a mechanism for participatory transparency. Second, citizen websites do not clearly distinguish advertisements and news, especially in profit-citizen platforms.


林宇玲(2015)。〈制度化公民新聞學的新聞品質與倫理問題之初探:以台灣四家線上新聞組織的公民平台為例〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第33 期,頁189–223。

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Lin, Y. (2015). A study of the journalistic qualities and ethical dilemmas of institutional citizen journalism: Four citizen websites of Taiwan's news organizations. Communication & Society, 33, 189–223.
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