July  2016 37
Networked Individualism: The Way of Communication in the Network Society
作者 對談人:巴里· 威爾曼、邱林川、張人文、甘晨
Author Discussants: Barry WELLMAN, Jack L. QIU, Alice Renwen ZHANG, Maggie GAN
摘要 「我反對將網絡僅僅視為一門技術。在我看來,它更多是一種思維方式;是一種觸及世界的途徑。技術並不複雜,你可以在電腦上輕而易舉的操作,但認識到世界是由眾多網絡、而非中國社區或美國社區這樣的群體組成,卻是非常難得的。事實上,一些最優秀的網絡分析研究往往是由人類學家完成的,因為他們能夠深入到村莊、社區,從而取得了十分厚重的數據。」
Abstract Since the 1960s, Professor Barry Wellman has been a pioneer in using social network analysis in understanding communities and societies. Why did he embark on this journey of academic inquiry? How did he build the community of social network analysts? What has changed in this field that traverses the boundaries between sociology and communication studies, especially in this era of digital media? In this dialogue, Professor Wellman discusses his career and the evolution of network analysis; the concept of networked individualism, how it translates into Asian and Chinese contexts; as well as his current work and thinking on a broad range of topics such as the Internet of things and networked work.


邱林川(編)(2016)。〈「網絡個人主義」—網絡社會的溝通之道〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第37 期,頁1–23。

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Qiu, J. L. (Ed.) (2016). Networked individualism: The way of communication in network society. Communication & Society, 37, 1–23.
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