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User Labor and the Subjectivity Construction Oriented to Consumerism in Corporate Marketing in Chinese Social Media: Taking Durex’s Official Account on Sina Weibo as an Example
作者 黃炎寧
Author Yanning HUANG
關鍵詞 社交媒體、微博、數字勞動、消費主義主體建構、過度剝削
Keywords social media, Weibo, digital labor, the subjectivity construction oriented to consumerism, over-exploitation
摘要 本文以新浪的「杜蕾斯官方微博」為例,旨在通過傳播政治經濟學與文化研究路徑的兼容並蓄,揭示大陸社交媒體企業營銷過程中的用戶勞動現象、及其與消費主義主體建構方式的勾連。本研究以量化內容分析和深度訪談相結合的方法,透視出媒體用戶的勞動兼具「自由」和「免費」的特徵:由於技術的便利,他們在媒體消費場域為自身創造意義的同時,亦為平臺提供商和企業微博分別創造著不同程度的價值。而且,當下轉型中國單一的經濟訴求和複雜的媒體圖景所日益形塑的消費主義主體建構方式,是眾多社交媒體用戶從事數字勞動的重要動因,並使其具有了一定強制性。
Abstract By taking the Durex Official Account on Sina Weibo as an example, this essay aims to combine a political economy of communications approach with a cultural studies approach to uncover the phenomena of user labor and its articulation with the subjectivity construction oriented to consumerism in corporate marketing in Chinese social media. Combining content analysis with in-depth interviews, the essay argues that user labor has the dual characteristics of "free to give" and "free to be exploited": due to the convenience provided by technologies, when social media users create meanings for themselves in the field of media consumption, they also tend to valorize to different extent for the platform providers and the corporate accounts. On the other hand, the single economic claims and the complex mediascapes in contemporary China have been forming and shaping the subjectivity construction that is oriented toward consumerism. Furthermore, this subjectivity construction constitutes an important impetus for the phenomenon of digital labor among Chinese social media users, such that it has, as it were, become a compulsory action in their everyday life.



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Huang, Y. (2016). User labor and the subjectivity construction oriented to consumerism in corporate marketing in Chinese social media: Taking Durex’s official account on Sina Weibo as an example. Communication & Society, 37, 97–126.
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