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What Does the Contemporary “Wan-Lu-Shen” Sell? The Analysis of Social Support Provided by the Medicine-Selling Programs on Cable TV
作者 盧鴻毅、徐薇筑
Author Hung-yi LU, Wei-chu HSU
關鍵詞 賣藥節目、有線電視、社會支持、傳播行銷策略
Keywords medicine-selling program, cable TV, social support, communicative marketing strategies
摘要 本研究於2012年9月至2014年5月之間,針對台灣有線電視頻道的某一賣藥節目的互動狀況進行場地觀察及深度訪談,以瞭解賣藥節目對老年觀眾提供那些社會支持?賣藥節目透過那些管道提供社會支持?以及社會支持對節目產品行銷產生那些影響?經由實地參與節目錄製的場地觀察日記及針對節目經理、節目製作人、主持人、觀眾及衛政人員的深度訪談,本研究發現,節目主持人深諳觀眾的需求,透過叩應方式,與觀眾進行互動,節目中所安排的算命、旅遊及唱歌等噱頭,都是希望拉近主持人與觀眾之間的距離,尤其是主持人對觀眾的噓寒問暖,的確達到與觀眾「搏感情」的目的,在這樣的氛圍之下,觀眾不但成為主持人的「粉絲」,也願意掏腰包購買主持人推銷的產品。
Abstract This study, conducted from September 2012 to May 2014, attempts to explore what kind of social support was provided by medicine-selling programs on cable TV in Taiwan; what channels were adopted to impart social support to audiences; and what kind of influence social support has on medicine selling. Field observation and one-on-one interviews were adopted to collect data. The researchers interviewed the manager, programmers, hosts/hostesses, audience members, and the health officer. The result of this study shows that the hosts/hostesses of the medicine-selling programs understand what the audience needs. Social support is an important issue, and thus the hosts/hostesses attempt to maintain close ties with the audience by way of various activities, such as fortune-telling, travelling, and singing. The hosts/hostesses are concerned with the audience members and interact warmly with them. Under such circumstances, the audience members become fans of the hosts/hostesses and buy the products sold by medicine-selling programs.


盧鴻毅、徐薇筑(2016)。〈現代「王祿仔仙」賣啥膏藥?分析賣藥電視節目所提供的社會支持〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第37 期,頁127–159。

Citation of this article:

Lu, H.-Y., & Hsu, W.-C. (2016). What does the contemporary “Wan-Lu-Shen” sell? The analysis of social support provided by the medicine-selling programs on cable TV. Communication & Society, 37, 127–159.
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