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The Influence of Different Guanxi between Gift Giver and Recipient and Appeal Mode on Gift Advertising Persuasion
作者 董小雪、林升棟、吳瓊鱗
Author Xiaoxue DONG, Shengdong LIN, Qionglin WU
關鍵詞 禮品廣告、關係類型、訴求視角、動機
Keywords gift-giving ads, guanxi, appeal mode, motivation
摘要 贈禮是中國人建立、維護和深化關係的一項重要手段,並由此催生了一個巨大的禮品消費市場。中國人在處理人際關係時根據差序格局將關係分為情感性關係、混合關係和工具性關係,電視上出現的禮品廣告有送禮者、收禮者和送收雙方三種視角。本文採用實驗法研究關係類型和訴求視角對禮品廣告效果的影響,實驗一採用被試間設計,實驗對象為大學生,發現關係類型對被試的廣告態度、品牌態度及購買意願有主效應。送禮給父母和朋友的禮品廣告評價顯著優於送給領導的禮品廣告。實驗二採用被試間和被試內混合設計,實驗對象為工作後的成年人,每個被試同時觀看一種關係類型下三種不同訴求視角的廣告並比較打分,發現不僅關係類型有主效應,人物訴求視角也有顯著的主效應,而且二者間有交互效應。送收雙方的訴求視角最有利於呈現禮品的遞情目標,而且在情感性送禮動機下,會更明顯表現出這種雙邊視角的優越性。相關的理論與實踐意義都在本文做了討論。
Abstract Gift giving plays a vital role in building, maintaining, and deepening interpersonal relationships in China, which has created a huge gift market. According to the differential mode of association, guanxi includes emotional relations, instrumental relations, and mixed relations. Three kinds of appeal modes are used in Chinese TV commercials: giver appeal, recipient appeal, and giver-recipient appeal. Experiments are conducted to examine the effects of different forms of guanxi and appeal modes on gift advertising persuasion. Experiment 1 adopts a between-subjects design and uses undergraduates as subjects. The findings showed that the type of guanxi had a significant effect on advertising evaluation, brand evaluation, and purchase intension. Ads that targeted parents and friends were much better than those targeting bosses or superiors. Experiment 2 adopts a between-and within-subject mixed design and uses adults as subjects. The findings showed that both the guanxi type and the appeal mode had significant effects on advertising persuasion. Furthermore, both independent variables had significant or marginally significant interactions. The appeal mode with the presence of both sides was the best in evoking emotions. Compared to instrumental motivation, the both-sides appeal was much better than the one-side appeal in motivating emotional responses to the ads. The theoretical and practical implications of the results are discussed.


董小雪、林升棟、吳瓊鱗(2016)。〈不同關係類型下收送視角對禮品廣告效果的影響〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第38 期,頁113–134。

Citation of this article:

Dong, X., Lin, S., & Wu, Q. (2016). The influence of different guanxi between gift giver and recipient and appeal mode on gift advertising persuasion. Communication & Society, 38, 113–134.

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