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The Effects of Crisis-Communication Strategy and Forms of Crisis Response: Crisis Type as a Contingent Factor
作者 黃懿慧
Author Yi-Hui Christine HUANG
關鍵詞 危機溝通策略、危機回應形式、關係結果、危機類型
Keywords crisis communicative strategy, form of crisis response, relational outcomes, crisis type
摘要 本文從危機溝通管理者視角出發,探討危機類型如何影響「危機溝通策略」與「危機回應形式」對於「組織–公眾關係」之影響。依據危機責任歸因低、中、高三程度,本文將危機區分為三種類型:(1)外部–非蓄意(如天災)、(2)外部– 蓄意(如惡意型危機)、(3)內部– 管理相關之危機。本文針對台灣本土500大企業的公共事務或公共關係管理者進行問卷調查。研究結果顯示,危機類型之「責任歸因」程度越高,「危機溝通策略」對於「組織– 公眾關係」的解釋力越弱;相反的,「危機回應形式」對「組織– 公眾關係」的預測力則隨危機類型之「責任歸因」程度增加而增強。文末探討本研究發現對危機溝通與關係管理等理論與實踐的啟示與意義。
Abstract From the perspective of crisis communication, this paper aims to determine how the type of crisis influences the relationship between crisis communicative strategies (CCS) and forms of crisis responses and how that relationship affects organization-public relationships (OPR). Three types of crisis on a continuum of perceived crisis responsibility are examined: external-unintentional crises (e.g. natural crises), external-intentional crises (e.g. malevolence), and internal management-related crises. Public affairs and public relations managers were solicited from Taiwan's top 500 companies to participate in a survey. The results indicated that the more that perceived responsibility is involved in crises, the less explanatory power of crisis communicative strategies. In contrast, the more perceived crisis responsibility, the more predictive power of the form of crisis response. The theoretical and practical implications of the findings for crisis communication and crisis relationship management are discussed.


黃懿慧(2016)。〈危機溝通策略與危機回應形式:危機類型為權變因素之效果研究〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第38 期,頁135–164。

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Huang, Y.-H. C. (2016). The effects of crisis-communication strategy and forms of crisis response: Crisis type as a contingent factor. Communication & Society, 38, 135–164.
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