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From Professional Education to Patriotic Education: Study of Early Hong Kong Journalism Education (1927–1949)
作者 劉書峰
Author Shufeng LIU
關鍵詞 香港早期報業、新聞教育、職業教育、愛國報國教育
Keywords Hong Kong early press, journalism education, professional education, patriotic education
摘要 香港最早的新聞培訓機構香港新聞學社於1927年開辦,隨後又有生活新聞學院、香港中華業餘學校新聞科、香港中國新聞學院、達德學院新聞專修科、民治新聞專科學校香港分校等出現。香港早期的新聞教育多是提供短期職業培訓,授課教師名流薈萃,均是當時在香港的較為資深的報人和知識份子,課程安排一直重視培養學生實際動手能力。香港淪陷前,新聞教育從慘澹經營到熱情高漲,淪陷後被迫停辦。戰後,香港新聞教育在中共及左翼知識份子的倡議和組織下再度興起,直到因「宣傳政治」而被港英政府勒令停辦。
Abstract The Hong Kong Journalism Agency, which was established in 1927, was the first journalism educational agency in Hong Kong. This was followed by Life Journalism College, the China Amateur School journalism course, China Journalism College, the Dade College journalism course, and the Min Zhi Journalism School Hong Kong branch. They all placed great emphasis on practice and offered short-term professional journalism education led by many well-known journalists and professors. Both the Hong Kong Journalism Agency and Life Journalism College faced difficult circumstances soon after their establishment. All forms of journalism education were forced to shut down during the Japanese occupation. Journalism education in Hong Kong flourished again due to the initiative of Chinese Communist Party and other leftist intellectuals after World War Two, up until Dade College was closed by the Hong Kong government for "preaching politics."


劉書峰(2017)。〈從職業教育到愛國報國教育:香港早期新聞教育研究(1927–1949)〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第39 期,頁189–219。

Citation of this article:

Liu, S. (2017). From professional education to patriotic education: Study of early Hong Kong journalism education (1927–1949). Communication & Society, 39, 189–219.

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