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The 3L Life of Taiwanese Journalists: The Working Conditions and Impact in Digital Age
作者 劉蕙苓
Author Huei-Ling LIU
關鍵詞 數位匯流、液態現代性、新聞無所不在、速度優先、即時新聞
Keywords digital convergence, liquid modernity, ambient journalism, speed-driven journalism, real time news
摘要 本研究從當代的社會強調液態(liquid)、流動(flow)與速度的特質出發,結合量化和質化多元方法探究數位環境下的台灣記者工作狀況及其影響。量化方面,本研究成功訪問1,099位樣本發現,超過九成的記者在數位環境中最大的工作改變為,在工作中必須經常使用通訊軟體(LINE)溝通聯絡,且處於隨時收發訊息的情境中。進一步深度訪談14位記者發現:匯流(digital convergence)使得記者的工作加重且加速,因速度優先而形成的工作常規:即時發稿、隨時使用通訊軟體工作、即時在社群媒體直播,使得他們過著3L(Latest、LINE、Live)生活。本研究也發現:即採即發、一心多用、公私不分、永不關機成為記者3L人生的寫照。影響所及,競逐速度帶來對於速度的價值至上,形成了新的趕工儀式,新聞的定義與價值愈來愈模糊,邊界難定;記者在速度與新聞品質間仍難找到合適的工作節奏。
Abstract Building upon the properties emphasized by the society—liquid, flow, and speed, this study explores the working conditions and impact of Taiwan journalists in the digital environment by quantitative and qualitative methods. On the quantitative aspect, the study has collected 1,099 valid samples, over 90% of interviewed journalists indicated the greatest change in their job is the usage of LINE, a new messaging app, they have been heavily relying on LINE to communicate, post and receive messages anytime and anywhere. This study also found out from 14 in-depth interviews that digital convergence has increased reporters’ workload. As a result, speed-first has formed new work routines—real-time reporting, using LINE for work anytime and reporting by live streaming on social media, which make them live in a so-called 3L (Latest, LINE, Live) life. The study also discovers immediate covering and reporting, multitasking, blurred boundaries between work and personal life, never offline have become a real picture of 3L life of journalists. As a result, speed race on news production has shaped a new work ritual and also blurs the definition, values and boundaries of journalism. Journalists are now struggling to find a balanced pace between speed and news quality.


劉蕙苓(2018)。〈台灣記者的3L人生:數位時代的工作狀況與趕工儀式〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第43 期,頁39–71。

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Liu, H.-L. (2018). The 3L life of Taiwanese journalists: The working conditions and impact in digital age. Communication & Society, 43, 39–71.
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