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Social Media and Political Civic Participation: The Mediating Role of Online Political Discussion and Discussion Heterogeneity
作者 林淑芳
Author Shu-Fang LIN
關鍵詞 社群媒體、網路政治討論、政治公民參與、政治討論異質性
Keywords social media, online political discussion, political and civic participation, discussion heterogeneity
摘要 隨著社群媒體在政治訊息溝通與公民運動中的角色日益重要,社群媒體使用是否對於政治公民參與具正面影響力也成為學者關切的議題。本研究同時討論社群媒體使用與人際溝通等相關變項(意見領導力、政治討論異質性、網路政治與公共議題討論頻率)對於政治公民參與的影響。研究調查資料為科技部2015年台灣傳播調查資料庫,以各鄉鎮市區分層抽樣,針對18歲以上國人進行家戶調查。2015年台灣傳播調查資料庫包含媒體使用、人際傳播、社會網絡、政治態度、政治公民參與等題組。結果顯示,與政治公民相關之社群媒體使用及意見領導力透過網路政治討論及討論異質性影響政治公民參與。本研究結果顯示社群媒體使用與人際溝通均間接或直接影響政治公民參與。研究結果可以幫助了解社群媒體使用及不同人際溝通模式在促進政治公民參與議題上所扮演的角色。
Abstract Social media have played an increasingly significant role in disseminating news about political and civic activities and facilitating related political discussions in modern society. This study attempts to understand how social media may facilitate online and offline political and civic participation. The study also considers the effects of interpersonal discussions on political and civic participation, such as opinion leadership, discussion heterogeneity, and online political debate. Data were collected from the 2015 Taiwan Communication National Survey Database of the National Science Counsel. The 2015 TCS survey contains items on media use, interpersonal communication, social networks, political attitudes, and political and civic participation. The survey used a cluster sample design method (PPS) and was conducted in door-to-door interviews with household members in Taiwan who were 18 years and older. The results showed that political- and civic-related social media use and interpersonal discussion variables either directly or indirectly influenced political and civic participation. This study demonstrates the vital role of social media use and political discussion in several types of participation in today’s society.



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Lin, S.-F. (2018). Social media and political civic participation: The mediating role of online political discussion and discussion heterogeneity. Communication & Society, 44, 25–48.
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