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The Relative Importance of Response Content, Response Form, Media Selection, and Spokesperson Level in Crisis Communication: The Viewpoints of Public Relations Professionals
作者 劉千祥、姚惠忠
Author Chieng-Shang LIU, Hui-Chung YAO
關鍵詞 危機傳播、回應內容、回應形式、媒體選擇、發言層級
Keywords crisis communication, response content, response form, media selection, spokesperson level
摘要 本研究以台灣500大企業公關人員為調查對象,藉由層級分析法(AHP)探討在三種危機類型下,影響危機溝通效果各因素及因子之重要性排序。研究主要發現包括:(1)危機回應內容比回應形式、媒體選擇、發言層級都要來的重要。(2)合理化是危機管理者較偏愛的回應內容。(3)以回應形式而言,在受害者、意外型危機中,即時回應最重要;而在可預防型危機中,主動回應才是最重要的。(4)台灣企業危機管理人員認為,「電視」媒體是最重要的傳播管道。(5)危機類型會干擾從業人員對危機溝通策略因素,以及回應形式、媒體選擇因子的排序選擇。文末探討本研究發現對危機溝通理論與實務之意義。
Abstract This study queries public relations professionals in Taiwan’s top 500 companies. We adopted an analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to investigate the sequential importance of all factors and sub-factors that influence crisis communication in three types of crisis. The results were as follows: (1) response content was more important than response form, media selection, and spokesperson level; (2) the crisis managers preferred the justification strategy; (3) regarding response, timeliness was the key sub-factor in victim and accident crises. However, activeness was the most important sub-factor in preventable crises; (4) Taiwan’s crisis managers stated that television was the key media channel that should be adopted; (5) the type of crisis had moderating effects on the factor ratings of crisis communication strategies and on the sub-factors of both response forms and media selection. The theoretical and practical implications of the findings for crisis communication are discussed.


劉千祥、姚惠忠(2018)。〈危機回應內容、形式、媒體選擇、發言層級相對重要性之研究:企業公關人員觀點〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第44 期,頁111–149。

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Liu, C.-S., & Yao, H.-C. (2018). The relative importance of response content, response form, media selection, and spokesperson level in crisis communication: The viewpoints of public relations professionals. Communication & Society, 44, 111–149.
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