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Food Crisis Coverage in Social and Traditional Media: A Case Study of the Ting Hsin Tainted Oil Crisis
作者 陳憶寧
Author Yi-Ning Katherine CHEN
關鍵詞 主題、食安危機、資訊來源、傳統媒體、臉書
Keywords Facebook, food safety crisis, information sources, topics, traditional media
摘要 社群媒體為當今社會在重大危機爆發時的訊息傳播系統,也是公眾意見能即時表達的場域。基於其與傳統媒體在時效性、公眾表達的差異性,本研究以2014年的發生於台灣的頂新餿水油為個案探討社群媒體與傳統媒體對於餿水油事件之呈現篇幅在時間上的分佈狀況、傳統媒體與社群媒體使用哪些資訊來源以及關注哪些主題,以及傳統媒體與社群媒體是否在語調上不同。本研究從台灣四家報媒及臉書粉絲專頁各別蒐集相關資訊作為樣本,分別有1,480則報紙新聞報導與203則臉書發文。研究發現社群媒體與傳統媒體的新聞報導產量隨著時間有不一樣的模式;社群媒體跟傳統媒體兩者使用的資訊來源以及關注主題有所差異;傳統媒體與臉書在呈現政府以及食品業時,報導語氣有明顯的不同。
Abstract Social media are an important tool of information during massive social crises because they serve to provide a venue for the expression of public opinions. They are also likely to outperform conventional media because of their instant communication of a vast variety of voices. Considering the fundamental differences between social media and conventional media, this paper seeks to answer the following questions regarding Taiwan’s Ting Hsin tainted oil crisis in 2014: Did the coverage of the 2014 Ting Hsin tainted oil crisis vary according to its duration in traditional media and social media? What sources and topics were reported in traditional media and social media? Were different tones conveyed in the traditional media and social media that covered the crisis? We conducted a content analysis of 1,480 news articles collected from four major newspapers in Taiwan and 203 posts collected from six Facebook fan pages. Our findings indicate that the amount of converge on social media and conventional media indeed varied over time. Moreover, social media and conventional media tended to utilize different types of information sources and stress disparate topics. Significantly, when the coverage referred to the Taiwanese government as well as the food suppliers, conspicuous discrepancies in tone were conveyed by the social media and the conventional media.



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Chen, Y.-N. K. (2018). Food crisis coverage in social and traditional media: A case study of the Ting Hsin tainted oil crisis. Communication & Society, 45, 47–89.
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