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A Visual Frame of Contentious Performance: Chinese Internet Celebrity’s Practical Experience
作者 林仲軒
Author Zhongxuan LIN
關鍵詞 抗爭、表演、名人、葉海燕、視覺
Keywords protests, performance, celebrity, Ye Haiyan, visual
摘要 抗爭政治研究對理解急劇變遷時期的中國有至關重要的意義,其中,以「視覺」為中心的抗爭表演研究是近年湧現出來的一個重要研究取向,嘗試為越來越多的抗爭表演提供新的解釋機制。這一研究取向主要是基於西方傳統抗爭表演研究,關注抗爭者在中國特定政治機會結構下如何通過圖像和媒體等視覺手段實現其在地化的抗爭表演。既有研究貢獻了很多有價值的案例研究,但還沒有基於案例研究形成系統的、操作化的分析框架。因此,本研究將具體以網絡名人的抗爭表演實踐經驗為案例,基於虛擬民族誌式參與觀察和深度訪談的研究方法,從圖像、媒介、身體和空間等具體面向,考察互聯網時代中國政治機會結構下抗爭表演的視覺實踐邏輯和理論內涵,並在此基礎上為抗爭表演研究建構一個可能的視覺分析框架。
Abstract Contentious politics research is of vital importance to understand China during the period of rapid change. The research on contentious performance from a visual approach is an important research route emerging in recent years which attempts to provide a new explanation mechanism for more and more contentious performances in China. This research approach is mainly based on the traditional Western researches on contentious performance, and focuses on how protestors situated in China’s political opportunity structure perform protests with Chinese characteristics through visual means of images and media. This approach has contributed many valuable case studies, but there are still not any systematic, operational and analytical frameworks emerged from these case studies. Based on research methods of ethnographic participant observation and in-depth interviews, this article, therefore, uses Ye Haiyan, a Chinese internet celebrity, as a case study, and focuses on her contentious practices, to illustrate and interpret the practical logics and political implications of contentious performance from a visual perspective. This article also proposes a possible visual framework for future researches on contentious performance.



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Lin, Z. (2019). A visual frame of contentious performance: Chinese internet celebrity’s practical experience. Communication & Society, 49, 175–202.

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