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Symbol Carrier and Consensus Mobilization in the Era of Image Communication: A Comprehensive Analysis of Nine Ribbon Actions
作者 郭小安、楊紹婷
Author Xiaoan GUO, Shaoting YANG
關鍵詞 圖像傳播、符號載體、共意動員、絲帶行動
Keywords image communication, symbol carrier, consensus mobilization, ribbon action
摘要 近年來,以各色絲帶為符號載體的集體行動漸次增多,不斷以物象、圖像、語像和集合的文本形象出現,這背後交織著絲帶與色彩相勾連所引發的框塑群體、視覺勸服以及情感動員等功能。對九起絲帶行動進行綜合分析後發現,集體行動中顏色和絲帶的搭配,其攜帶的隱喻既具有文化規約性,也因語境、政治機會結構、認知圖式的不同具有一定的權變性。作為一種視覺勸服和情感動員的工具,絲帶在中國被頻繁使用於共意性社會運動領域,具有公益性、道德性與利他性特徵。儘管也有少量絲帶行動被使用於社會抗爭,但具有較為明顯的行業和區域特徵。此類運動雖然可以獲得一定的政治話語空間,實現線上線下聯動,但是,它所使用的視覺符號由於無法直接進行傷痕與痛苦展示,在一定程度上導致了觀者解碼困難,影響了動員的深度與廣度,本質上是特定政治機會結構下一種身份克制、自我保護以及群體性表達的策略性權衡。
Abstract In recent years, colored ribbons as symbol carriers have gradually increased in collective actions, appearing constantly as objects, images, languages, and collection texts. Above mentioned phenomenon has been interwoven with various functions, such as the group shaping, visual persuasion, emotional mobilization and etc., which are caused by the connection of ribbon and color. After a comprehensive analysis of the nine ribbon actions, it was found that the metaphors manufactured by the collocation of color and ribbon in collective action not only has cultural conventionality, but also has a certain degree of variability because of the different context, political opportunity structure and cognitive schema. As a tool for visual persuasion and emotional mobilization, ribbons are frequently applied in the field of consensus social movement in China, with characteristics of public welfare, morality and altruistic. Although a small number of ribbon actions are used in the field of social protest, they have certain obvious industrial and regional characteristics. Although this kind of movement can obtain a certain political discourse space to achieve online and offline linkage, the visual symbols used in the ribbon actions cannot directly display scars and pains, which have caused difficulties for the viewers to decode to a certain extent, affecting the depth and breadth of mobilization. Essentially, it is a strategic trade-off among identity restraint, self-protection, and group expression under a specific political opportunity structure.



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Guo, X., & Yang S. (2019). Symbol carrier and consensus mobilization in the era of image communication: A comprehensive analysis of nine ribbon actions. Communication & Society, 49, 103–139.
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