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Self-Empowerment of the New Workers in Pi Village and Their Self-Image Construction on WeChat Public Platform
作者 王錫苓、劉一然
Author Xiling WANG, Yiran LIU
關鍵詞 新工人、《皮村工友》、自我賦權、自我形象建構
Keywords the new workers, “Pi Village Co-Workers,” self-empowerment, selfimage construction
摘要 截至2017年,中國農村務工人員總數接近2.9億。與其形成鮮明反差的是其在公共空間裡的「失聲」,彷彿「隱身的存在」。如何覓得其真實的生活圖景,成為筆者關注的問題。自2010年至今,筆者持續關注一個自稱「新工人」的農村務工群體,這一稱謂,既是其自我形象的建構,也是群體意識的覺醒。

Abstract The total amount of migrant workers in China was close to 290 million by the end of 2017. In contrast to the huge number, this group seems to be “invisible” in the public discourse space. How to find out the realistic predicament of this group has become a concern of us. We have been paying close attention to a group of migrant workers who have called themselves “new workers” since 2010. This title is not only a construction of their self-image but also an awakening of their self-awareness.

Previous studies mostly focus on the impact of the use of various media, especially portable mobile media, on migrant workers’ social adaptation. There are few papers relating to how they are, as a group, constructing their public space and empowering themselves through social media. The construction of public space requires some technical skills as well as the consciousness of empowerment. This paper focuses on a WeChat public platform named “Pi Village Co-Workers,” which was established by a group of migrant workers in Pi Village, Beijing. Using the text analysis method, we analyze all 160 articles released by that platform (since its starting date to December 18, 2017) and draw the following conclusions: Firstly, the new generation of migrant workers constructed an optimistic and positive group image with distinct subjectivity through the new media. Secondly, the self-built culture, as a sustained internal force, promoted their influence and with the help of external forces, they created a unique culture of new workers. Thirdly, the influence of “Pi Village Co-Workers” still has its limitations, and its demonstration role to this group still needs further investigation and analysis.



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Wang, X., & Liu, Y. (2019). Self-empowerment of the new workers in Pi Village and their self-image construction on WeChat public platform. Communication & Society, 49, 75–101.

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