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A Virtual Ethnography Study of Vulnerable Rights Activism in the Middle Class
作者 徐迪
Author Di XU
關鍵詞 中產維權、行動實踐、身份認同、「WUNC」、「軟性」抗爭
Keywords Middle-class rights protection, action practice, group identity, “WUNC”, “soft” protest
摘要 本文以互聯網金融類維權個案為例,採用虛擬民族志的研究方法,檢視線上討論群組內的中產群體維權行動實踐,將階級意識和擴展後「WUNC」模式作為測量基準,藉由對行動主體、行動策略和行動特質的考察,探究該群體的階層認同和抗爭邏輯。研究發現,中產群體在維護財產權的過程中,表現出非暴力行動模式。維權的中產階級行動者自律地遵循了理性抗爭的軌跡,沿著法例准許的最大邊界與政府的權力意志抗衡。在以利益訴求為主的維權行動中,中產群體在行動主體認知和行動策略選取上呈現出身份迷失和對峙消解的乖張異象,其「軟性」抗爭的行動特質凸顯出資源割裂的行動困境。通過該群體與威權體制的政治博弈場景,可析出這一群體的「弱勢」和「失語」,感受到過程中的孤立與無援;也能透過情、理、法三方張力中的四處碰壁,體悟中產階級的「群體焦慮」。
Abstract This paper, taking the Internet financial rights protection case as an example, adopts the virtual ethnographic research method to examine the middle-class group conducting group rights-defending actions in the online discussion forum. It uses class consciousness and the expanded “WUNC” model as the benchmark. By studying the actors, strategies, and the characteristics of the action, this paper explores the identity and resistance logic of the group. The study concludes that in the process of safeguarding property rights, middle-class groups show a non-violent “soft” protest pattern. The middle-class action groups for rights protection undertake a legal and rational struggle to compete with the government’s power along the maximum boundary permitted by law. In rights-defending actions based on the pursuit of interests, middle-class groups present a strange phenomenon of identity loss and disappearing confrontation in the cognition of action subjects and the selection of action strategies. The action characteristics of its “soft” form of protest highlight the dilemma of resource fragmentation. Through the political game between the group and the authoritarian system, the “vulnerability” and “aphasia” of this group can be analyzed, and their isolation and helplessness can be felt. The “group anxiety” of the middle class can also be seen through the emotional, rational, and legal tensions in the struggle.



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Xu, D. (2020). A virtual ethnography study of vulnerable rights activism in the middle class. Communication & Society, 52, 179–211.
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