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The Opportunity and Dilemma of Queer as Folk: On Matchmaking Apps’ Effects on Gay Identity Development
作者 秦蘭珺
Author Lanjun QIN
關鍵詞 同性戀亞文化、社會交往、交友App、弱關係、人格發展
Keywords gay subculture, social intercourse, matchmaking Apps, weak ties, personality development
摘要 「同性戀」身份的發明和發展伴隨現代性的發展,網路社會同性戀文化如何變遷?本研究以現代人際組織方式和現代空間組織方式的發展為線索,研究了二者當下最新的結合形態、也是社會化媒體的最新發展「交友App」對同性戀亞文化的影響。研究發現,一方面同性戀在網路空間建構了自身的文化陣地,生產出以「同志亦凡人」為代表的身份話語;友好的同儕社區和便捷的交友途徑在身份發展初期不無促進作用。另一方面,在網路、社交和同性戀者三者的相遇中,一系列二元性彼此同構、相互強化,在強大的社會壓力下可能進一步加劇同性戀個體「雙重身份」這一本來就十分典型、通常較難掙脫的人格發展階段,阻礙其「人格整合」進程。為讓新技術應用成為通向「同志亦凡人」的積極因素,需要在網路社交中增加資訊與實在、關係與深度、圈裡與圈外的相關度。
Abstract If the invention and evolution of homosexuality is concomitant with the development of modernity, especially in the modern way we arrange space and link people, how does homosexuality evolve in the Internet age? In this study, focusing on the problem of identity development, we speculate how matchmaking Apps, the latest development of social media that also stand at the intersection of how we arrange space and link people, may affect gay individuals. On one hand, gay culture constructs its own subculture cyber-base, producing Queer as Folk as its standard discourse. On the other hand, at the intersection of communication technology, social intercourse, and homosexual love, a series of dualities mutually strengthen, probably exacerbating the double personality problem, which is already a typical predicament of gay individuals under strong social pressure and usually blocks the process of identity development toward personality integration, the final stage of gay identity development. This study advises more reality-based information, more depth in relations, and more interactions between the inside and outside, if we attempt to make matchmaking Apps a positive force toward Queer as Folk.



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Qin, L. (2020). The opportunity and dilemma of Queer as Folk: On matchmaking Apps’ effects on gay identity development. Communication & Society, 52, 117–142.
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