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One Year in China: News, Reading and the Rise of the Nation in Daily Life (1894–1895)
作者 卞冬磊
Author Donglei BIAN
關鍵詞 民族國家、讀報、交談、情動
Keywords nation, reading newspapers, talking, affect
摘要 有關近代中國民族國家或民族主義的研究已汗牛充棟。以往研究偏向以從上至下的視角,討論民族國家的建構或民族主義的象徵等主題。與之不同,本文將民族國家看作是普通人日常實踐的產物,以晚清部分讀書人日記為史料,聚焦1894年6月到1895年4月這個中國近代史上特殊的一年,嘗試探索分散各地的讀書人如何經由日常的實踐,生成和確認國家的日常形式。研究發現,在「中國的一年」裡,讀書人主要通過閱讀上海新聞紙追隨戰爭進程,形成了全國性的關注;進而,在普遍的閱讀實踐上又生成新的交談方式,「議論時事」成為重要的日常活動;更進一步,讀書人還以「悲痛」、「憤怒」和「羞恥」三種集體情感「情動」於國家。本文認為「中國的一年」中的閱讀、交談和情感實踐,使得近代讀書人第一次擁有了政治意義上的「同一個中國」。
Abstract There have been many recent articles about the modern Chinese nationstate and nationalism, focusing on topics such as national construction or the symbolism of nationalism from a top-down perspective. In contrast, this article regards the nation as a product of daily practice. By reading diaries written during the late Qing Dynasty, this research concentrates particularly on the year from June 1894 to April 1895 to explore how ordinary people generated and confirmed the concept of modern Chinese nation in everyday life. It finds that intellectuals followed the war process and formed concern about the nation’s future by reading Shanghai newspapers. In addition, they developed a new way of talking about the grief, anger, and shame that characterized three types of collective feelings about the nation. This was the first time that intellectuals developed the concept of a collective China in political sense.



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Bian, D. (2020). One year in China: News, reading and the rise of the nation in daily life (1894–1895). Communication & Society, 52, 87–115.
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