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Impact of Media Use on Attitudes towards Varied Issues: An Empirical Study among Chinese College Students in UMAC
作者 楊柳、陳懷林
Author Liu YANG, Huailin CHEN
關鍵詞 民族主義、媒體使用模式、社會背景、受眾調查
Keywords nationalism, media use pattern, social background, surveys
摘要 在不同政治制度下成長起來的大學生群體,如今共同生活在多元化的媒體環境裡,他們對於不同新聞議題的態度是否能達成一致?2015年10月研究團隊就此主題對1,229名隨機抽取的澳門大學本科生進行了問卷調查。分析發現,儘管媒介環境開放且資訊多元,但是澳門生和大陸生的傳媒使用模式和對不同議題的態度依然明顯不同。首先,受到媒介使用模式與社會背景的影響,澳門生和大陸生在不同新聞議題的態度差異上呈梯級分佈,即雙方對社會議題沒有顯著的態度上差異;雙方在文化議題的態度上方向一致,但存在程度上的差異;而在政治議題上則在方向和程度上均有較大的差異。其次,研究還發現個人的社會背景和媒體使用模式(資訊來源和傳媒可信度)是影響上述態度差異形成的最重要的因素
Abstract College students who have experienced their socialization under different political systems now live together in a diversified media environment. Will their attitude on different news issues be the same? In October 2015, this research team conducted a questionnaire survey on 1,229 randomly selected undergraduate students at the University of Macau. The analysis found that despite the open media environment and diversified information sources, the media use patterns of Macau and mainland students and their attitudes towards different issues are still significantly different. First, influenced by the pattern of media use and social background, this study revealed a laddering pattern of opinion divergence among young Chinese people that grew up in Macao SAR and Mainland China; in other words, there is no significant difference in attitudes between social issues; they shared similar opinions on social issues while differing in opinions on cultural issues, and were conflicted on political issues. Additionally, the pattern of media use and social background were found to be potentially key variables to predict for the opinions.



Citation of this article:

Yang, L., & Chen H. (2020). Impact of media use on attitudes towards varied issues: An empirical study among Chinese college students in UMAC. Communication & Society, 52, 57–86.

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