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Rhizoanalysis of Danmaku Viewing Context: One Missed Call 2
作者 夏慧馨、吳筱玫
Author Hui-Hsin HSIA, Hsiao-Mei WU
關鍵詞 彈幕、塊莖、德勒茲、生成、情動力
Keywords Danmaku, Rhizome, Deleuze, becoming, affect
摘要 彈幕是一種即時評論分享系統,直接將使用者評論覆蓋在影片文本之上,形成一種特殊觀影型態。隨著影片播放過程及彈幕隨機出現,使用者於觀影當下必須隨時改變閱聽焦點來理解瞬間變化的內容,然則現行影視文本、媒介、閱聽人研究,尚未有針對彈幕、影視文本、閱聽人交疊型態進行深入分析者。本研究試圖設計一詮釋彈幕的分析架構,採納德勒茲之著塊莖思維,從生成與裝配的角度,將彈幕文本與使用者視作兩部「機器」,透過情動力串聯彈幕、影像內容、使用者,演繹其異質感受交雜變動的歷程,用以探究彈幕文本的瞬間形變與使用者觀看影片的瞬間審美體驗。
Abstract Danmaku—or Danmu—is a comment-sharing system constituting a specific viewing state. Videos are directly covered with users’ comments from time to time. Such frequently changing viewing contexts have never been studied thoroughly, and this study aims to investigate this novel phenomenon with Deleuze’s Rhizome philosophy. Rhizomatic thinking focuses on the “assemblages” of physical objects and metaphysical concepts as well as how they are “becoming. ” In our conceptual framework, Danmaku films and the audience are both seen as “machines” through which the “affect” flows. The “affect” forms various rhythms, which energize the constant changing of the content in a video, inviting users to arouse instant sensation and aesthetic experiences.



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Hsia, H.-H., & Wu, H.-M. (2020). Rhizoanalysis of Danmaku viewing context: One Missed Call 2. Communication & Society, 53, 191–225.
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