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Images of Grandparents: Photos as a Means of Intergenerational Communication
作者 盧鴻毅
Author Hung-Yi LU
關鍵詞 代間溝通、爺奶、孫子(女)、影像
Keywords intergenerational communication, grandparent, grandchildren, visual image
摘要 本研究透過「照片引談法」及「生命敘述」,由孫子(女)以爺奶提供的照片及口述故事,製作一份生命影像故事,研究者再針對當中的6個個案進行深度訪談,以瞭解此一作業對於代間溝通有何影響?本研究以「溝通適應理論」及「自我展演」觀點出發,訪談結果發現,在孫子(女)以「作業」為名的邀請下,爺奶比較願意同意受訪,態度甚至由被動轉為主動,訪談過程中可以聽見爺奶「不曾說過的秘密」,這經驗讓孫子(女)看見不一樣的爺奶,對「家」也有不同的想像。
Abstract In this study, photo-elicitation and life story narration were used by grandchildren to produce a life story film based on photos and stories provided and told by their grandparents. One-on-one in-depth interviews were conducted with six students. Based on the communication accommodation theory and the self-presentation theory, an analysis of the data collected in the interviews was conducted to determine the influence of this assignment on intergenerational communication. The findings showed that the grandparents were more likely to participate in this activity instead of being passively involved in the assignment. In particular, the grandparents shared stories that they had never told before, thus allowing their grandchildren to experience new interactions with them. Most importantly, this assignment inspired students to think about “family” in different ways.



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Lu, H.-Y. (2021). Images of grandparents: Photos as a means of intergenerational communication. Communication and Society, 55,197–233.
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