January  2021 55
Exploring the Uncharted Terrain of the Digital “Socioscope”: Insights from a Pioneer of Computational Social Science
作者 邁克爾.梅西、宋韻雅、盧遠航
Author Michael MACY, Yunya SONG, Yuanhang LU
摘要 「如果你問大多數計算社會科學領域的研究人員什麼最重要,大多數人會把機器學習列在榜單之首。具體來講,它包括詞嵌入、文本數據分析以及圖像處理。這些方法在計算機和信息科學的課堂上定期講授,卻很少見諸社會科學的教學內容。這使我想知道計算社會科學是否愈加可能從一種『社會科學技術派』的學科轉變成『計算科學社科派』的學科。我已經觀察到,一些社會學家對學科殖民化感到恐懼,表現出一定的防備心理,但這種防備卻可能導致社會科學錯過一次引領歷史進程的機會。」
Abstract The continuously increasing availability of digital trace data has made the digital space a potent “socioscope” available to social scientists in their explorations of human behavior and social systems. A pioneer and founder of the field, Professor Michael Macy has witnessed the rapid growth of computational social science since the 1990s. What attracts and drives him to focus on the computational approach to social science? What does he think about this thriving field? What does he think about the future of the computational approach in social science research? In this dialogue, Professor Macy will discuss his academic career and research experience, his understanding of the computational approach and its methods, his views on cultural sensitivity in computational social science, the relationship between computational experiments and real-world phenomena, as well as his opinions about academic training in computational social science.



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Macy, M., Song, Y., & Lu, Y. (2021). Exploring the uncharted terrain of the digital “socioscope”: Insights from a pioneer of computational social science. Communication and Society, 55, 1–18.
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