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Crossing the Borders of Public and Private: Relationships among Social Media Use, Cyberbullying, and Self-Views
作者 施琮仁
Author Tsungjen SHIH
關鍵詞 網路霸凌、自尊心、社會支持、心理幸福感、社交媒體
Keywords cyberbullying, self-esteem, well-being, social media
摘要 網路霸凌已是網路世代青少年面對最嚴重的問題之一,對其身心健康都有不良的影響,因此不論政府機關或教育單位皆應高度關注。本研究以網路霸凌受害為中心,一方面探討社交媒體(包括公開的社群網站及封閉的即時通訊軟體)使用是否增加青少年在網路上被霸凌的機率,另一方面也探討遭到霸凌後可能衍生的結果,尤其是自尊心與心理幸福感。本研究使用台灣傳播調查資料庫第二期第一次的資料,以國中生及高中生為樣本進行分析,結果顯示臉書使用時間和網路霸凌受害並無關連,但即時通訊軟體使用時間越長,青少年越可能成為受害者。本研究也發現曾在網路上被霸凌的青少年,其心理幸福感較低;被霸凌的經驗也會降低自尊心,進而間接降低心理幸福感,亦即自尊心為重要的中介變項。本研究也發現了社會支持會惡化網路霸凌對自尊心及心理幸福感的影響。
Abstract Cyberbullying is a major threat facing teenagers in the Internet age, for it may negatively affect their physical and mental health. Therefore, both authorities and educational institutions should pay attention to the phenomenon and its potential consequences. This study examined the role of social media, including open social networking sites (SNSs), such as Facebook, and closed instant messaging sites (e.g., Line and Facebook Messenger) as potential breeding grounds for cyberbullying. In addition, this study investigated how social media, with its networked nature, could mitigate the negative effects of cyberbullying with respect to self-esteem and perceived well-being. By analyzing data collected in the 2017 Taiwan Communication Survey, this study found that the use of instant messaging sites, not SNSs, increased the likelihood of being a victim of cyberbullying. In addition, being cyberbullied was negatively associated with self-esteem and well-being. Self-esteem was found to mediate the relationship between cyberbully victimization and well-being. More importantly, this study found that social support may exacerbate the negative effects of cyberbullying on self-esteem and subjective well-being.



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Shih, T. (2021). Crossing the borders of public and private: Relationships among social media use, cyberbullying, and self-views. Communication and Society, 56, 93–125.
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