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Performative Connectivity and Digital Feminist Action: A Study on the MeToo Movement in China
作者 黃月琴、黃瑤
Author Yueqin HUANG, Yao HUANG
關鍵詞 數字述行性連結、MeToo運動、女性主義、反性騷擾、問題化
Keywords digital performative connectivity, MeToo movement, feminism, anti-sexual harassment, problematization
摘要 2018年中國MeToo運動的興起是全球MeToo運動波及中國內地並激發新一輪性別抗爭的結果,其背景是數字傳播技術的興起以及集體行動的轉型。本文立足於中國MeToo運動的經驗實踐,在「性別述行性」理論基礎上著重挖掘女性MeToo敘事中所包含的情感、意義和關係連結性,以修正「連結性行動」忽視人的互動性與能動性的偏誤,並發展出「述行性連結」這一概念。「述行性連結」具有兩個層面的連結性維度:其一是語言主體間的能動性連結,其二是數字傳播的技術性連結。前者是數字女性主義行動的內在動因,而新傳播技術被視為組織和擴展女性主義述行實踐的文化技術。二者之間相互交織與迭加,形成「締合性」的「數字述行性連結」構型。
Abstract The rise of the MeToo movement in China in 2018 was the result of the spread of the global MeToo movement to mainland China, which inspired a new round of gender struggles against the backdrop of the rise of digital communication technologies and the transformation of collective action. Based on the empirical practice of the Chinese MeToo movement and gender performativity theory, this study focuses on exploring the connections among emotions, meaning, and relationships in women’s MeToo narratives to correct the bias of “connective action” in neglecting human interaction and dynamism. The author develops a new concept of performative connectivity, which includes two dimensions: the dynamic connection of linguistic inter-subjectivity and the technical connection of digital communication. The dynamic connection is the intrinsic motivation for digital feminist action, while digital communication technology is seen as the cultural technology used to organize and expand feminist discourse and practices. The two are overlapping and closely intertwined, thus forming the associated configuration of “digital performative connectivity.”


黃月琴、黃瑤(2021)。〈「述行性連結」與數字女性主義行動:基於中國MeToo運動的探討〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第57 期,頁191–224。

Citation of this article: Huang, Y., & Huang, Y. (2021). Performative connectivity and digital feminist action: A study on the MeToo movement in China. Communication and Society, 57, 191–224.

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