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內外有別:《中國日報》(China Daily)對性少數群體的另類呈現(1991–2019)
Distinguishing Insiders and Outsiders: Alternative Representations of LGBT in the China Daily (1991–2019)
作者 焦霖
Author Lin JIAO
關鍵詞 《中國日報》、性少數群體、同性戀民族主義、酷兒現代性、再現政治
Keywords China Daily, LGBT, homonationalism, queer modernity, politics of representation
摘要 本文從媒介再現史的角度,運用「同性戀民族主義」的理論框架,分析中國最主要的英文報紙《中國日報》自1991年以降對性少數人群的呈現。本研究將這一呈現分為四個階段,即少量呈現(1991–2003)、急速增長(2004–2008)、高光時刻(2009–2014)和酷兒失語(2015–2019)。本文認為,中國的官方媒體並非是具有高度同質性的統一體,在面向不同的受眾時,其生產的內容呈現出高度差異化的「內外有別」。作為中國最重要的國際傳播媒體之一,《中國日報》既要迎合英語讀者的閱讀習慣,又要顧及其國際傳播的目標。因此,相較於《人民日報》,《中國日報》對性少數群體的報導相當另類,建構出了一個追求自由、開放、包容的國家形象。這種另類呈現是國際思潮變化、國內政策變遷、性少數平權運動的發展和記者能動性的合力而促成的,其合法性建立在以「同性戀民族主義」為內在邏輯的「去他者化」敘事的基礎之上。
Abstract This paper explores the history of the representations of LGBT in the Chinese national English-language newspaper the China Daily, from 1991 to 2019. It divides the representations into four phases: the initial phase (1991–2003), the rapid growth phase (2004–2008), the peak phase (2009–2014) and the silent phase (2015–2019). The findings show that official Chinese media do not constitute a homogeneous entity; in contrast, they produce highly heterogeneous content while targeting domestic and international audiences. As one of the most important media in China that is responsible for international communication, China Daily, has to balance its readers’ interests and its goal of “telling China’s story.” Compared with the People’s Daily (Chinese edition), the China Daily’s representation of the LGBT group is unconventional in its construction of a country that values freedom, openness, and tolerance. This representation has been made possible by changes in domestic and international contexts, LGBT activism in China, and journalist agency, which are justified in de-othering narratives that follow the logic of homonationalism.


焦霖(2021)。〈內外有別:《中國日報》(China Daily)對性少數群體的另類呈現(1991–2019)〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第57期,頁53–93。

Citation of this article: Jiao, L. (2021). Distinguishing insiders and outsiders: Alternative representations of LGBT in the China Daily (1991–2019). Communication and Society, 57, 53–93.
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