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In Search for Global Significance: The Experience and Contributions of Communication Research in Hong Kong
作者 李立峯
Author Francis L. F. LEE
關鍵詞 香港、知識社會學、普遍性、政治變遷
Keywords Hong Kong, sociology of knowledge, generalizability, political transition
摘要 現代社會科學意義下的傳播學研究在香港有約40年的歷史。本文嘗試從知識社會學的視角出發,討論香港社會的基本特徵和位置—身處急速的政治及社會變遷之中,同時作為地少人多的國際都會,以及中國社會和國際學術界的「邊城」—如何形塑香港的傳播學研究和學術生態。本文指出,如何讓宏觀和微觀分析互相扣連,是傳播學研究在香港的主要挑戰,但也是香港研究最有可能為傳播學作出貢獻的地方。
Abstract Communication research following contemporary social scientific approaches has existed in Hong Kong for 40 years. This article discusses communication research in Hong Kong from a sociology of knowledge perspective. It discusses how the basic characteristics and position of the Hong Kong society—in the midst of rapid political and social changes, being a densely populated international metropolitan, and being on the periphery of the Chinese society and international academic community—shaped communication studies and the ecology of academic production in Hong Kong. This essay points out that the main challenge of communication research in Hong Kong is the articulation between the macro and micro level analyses, and this is also the place where Hong Kong studies are most likely to contribute to communication research at large.



Citation of this article: Lee, F. L. F. (2022). In search for global significance: The experience and contributions of communication research in Hong Kong. Communication and Society, 59, 211–231.
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