January  2022 59
Transformation and Mutation: Essential Elements in Research Careers
作者 對談人:張卿卿、黃懿慧
Author Discussants: Chingching CHANG, Yi-Hui Christine HUANG
摘要 「就如同Greenwald(2012)所說:『There is nothing so theoretical as a good method』。隨著眾多新興研究方法的發展,當下學者有更多的機會藉由整合各方法的效用,來建置有意義的理論。」
Abstract In this interview, Dr. Chang shares her thoughts about important research issues, such as designing effective experimental studies and coping with the research challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. She also talks about recent developments in neuroscience and data analytics approaches in advertising and media research. She then shares her experiences as the associate editor for Journal of Advertising, and points out essential elements in a good research article. Finally, she identifies method triangulation as an emergent trend in communication research.



Citation of this article: Chang, C., & Huang, Y.-H. C. (2022). Transformation and mutation: Essential elements in research careers. Communication and Society, 59, 1–11.
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