April  2022 60
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The Peach Blossom Spring and The Garden of Eden: Cross-Cultural Readings of Li Ziqi’s Videos
作者 普非拉、林升棟
Author Feila PU, Shengdong LIN
關鍵詞 李子柒、編碼/解碼、文化輸出、文化帝國主義
Keywords Li Ziqi, encoding/decoding, culture export, cultural imperialism
摘要 本文運用文本分析的方法,對李子柒視頻在微博和YouTube上的中英文網路熱門評論進行了分析和比較。研究發現,中國觀眾以接近視頻生產者編碼的方式解碼視頻,呈現出「桃花源」式的意義解讀;西方觀眾通過協商式解碼,呈現出「伊甸園」式的意義解讀,兩種解讀依據的闡釋框架根植於中西方各自的文化傳統。李子柒視頻的海外成功並不是單向強制的「文化輸出」或「文化帝國主義」,成功的全球影像歸咎於多元解讀的開放性。本研究或有助於回應中國文化對外傳播面臨的「新文化帝國主義」的質疑,更有助於反思中國文化對外傳播的效果預期。和而不同的內容解讀與文化間相互欣賞、相互理解、互相尊重的傳播格局,應是文化間傳播的追求與目標。曖昧性資源的深入挖掘應是開顯文化間溝通可能性的有效途徑。
Abstract This study uses textual analysis to analyze and compare online comments in Chinese and English Li Ziqi’s videos shown on Weibo and YouTube. The findings demonstrated that Chinese audiences decoded videos in ways similar to the encoding of the video producers, such as a “Peach Blossom Spring” interpretation, whereas Western audiences presented a “Garden of Eden” interpretation through negotiated decoding. The frameworks of both interpretations were rooted in their respective cultural traditions. The overseas success of Li Ziqi’s videos was not because of a one-way compulsory cultural export or cultural imperialism. Their successful global image may be attributed to the openness of multiple interpretations. The findings of this study may help scholars respond to the “new cultural imperialism” faced by the cross-cultural communication of Chinese culture, as well as reflect on the expected effects of the international communication of Chinese culture. Harmonious but diverse content readings and communication patterns of mutual appreciation, mutual understanding, and mutual respect between cultures should be the goal of intercultural communication. The deep exploration of ambiguous resources could be an effective way to determine the possibility of cross-cultural communication.


Citation of this article:
Pu, F., & Lin, S. (2022). The Peach Blossom Spring and The Garden of Eden: Cross-cultural readings of Li Ziqi’s videos. Communication and Society, 60, 91–121.
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