July  2022 61
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New Media Use and Online Social Support Acquisition in Cancer Patients
作者 李子怡
Author Ziyi LI
關鍵詞 癌症、在線社會支持、新媒體使用
Keywords cancer, online social support, new media use
摘要 對於癌症患者來說,社會支持的獲取與調適尤為重要,客觀上也對治療起正向作用。本文嘗試採用深度訪談的方法,以「在線社會支持理論」作為理論基礎,聚焦於癌症患者新媒體使用與在線社會支持獲取的真實情況,關注癌症患者現實生活之外的「虛擬」網絡世界,探尋癌症患者治癒過程中在線社會支持獲取類別。研究發現,誕生於西方社會的社會支持理論,在本地語境之下,與西方舊有研究中的類別有所區別,認知性支持、陪伴性支持與尊重性支持是癌症患者自患病以來便意圖極力獲取的最重要的社會支持類別。患者借助新媒介所獲取的在線社會支持形式較為多元,有別於舊有的社會支持類別研究,對娛樂性內容的瀏覽、對疾病信息類內容的迴避、對網絡社群的逃離等新媒體使用行為背後隱匿著患癌個體複雜的深層心理動機,與本地社會文化語境息息相關。在線社會支持對癌症患者生活狀態與治療信念的重構作用,值得醫學界、臨床護理界與傳播學界持續關注。
Abstract For cancer patients, social support plays a vital and positive role in treatment. This paper adopts the method of depth interview based on the theory of online social support and focuses on cancer patients’ new media use and their online social support acquisition, concentrating on cancer patients’ virtual online world beyond their real life. It also explores the online social support types these patients acquired through their healing process. The study finds that in the Eastern context, the social support theory, which originated in Western society is different from the categories found in old Western studies: cognitive support, companionship support, and esteem support are the most important social support categories that cancer patients strive to obtain following the diagnosis of their illness. Through new media use, cancer patients acquired diverse and abundant online social support, a finding that differs from old social support category research. Viewing entertainment content, the avoidance of disease information, and running away from online communities are the main ways for cancer patients to obtain online social support through new media use, which is deeply influenced by local socio-cultural context. Both the reconstruction of life status and therapeutic beliefs affected by online social support acquisition are worthy of focusing on via related scholars in communication, medicine, and nursing domains.


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Li, Z. (2022). New media use and online social support acquisition in cancer patients. Communication and Society, 61, 197– 229.
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