July  2022 61
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Why Does China’s Story Fail to Touch “the Other”? The Deviations and Limitations of China’s Story in Terms of “Breaking Barriers” and “Going Global”
作者 王敏、王令瑤
Author Min WANG, Lingyao WANG
關鍵詞 中國故事、國際傳播、在華外籍人士、「他者」、扎根理論
Keywords story of China, international communication, foreigners in China, “the other,” grounded theory
摘要 中國媒體「走出去」戰略下,海外的中國形象並未及時更新。作為「他者」、傳播仲介和跨文化群體,「在華外籍人士」對於中國故事「破圈」「出海」具有重要意義。本文通過對來自「八大文明圈」的27名在華外籍人士展開深度訪談,嘗試以「他者」視角檢視中國故事對外傳播的偏差與局限。採用扎根理論對原始訪談資料進行分析後,本文發現:其一,中國故事大眾傳播的失效及海外對華想像的刻板印象,致使中國形象遭受媒介鏡像與殘缺現實的雙重遮蔽。其二,作為傳播仲介的跨文化群體,在華外籍人士一方面傾向於認可文化經濟相關的、弱政治屬性的「中國故事」,能基於事實認知對傳受偏差予以修正;另一方面,當新獲事實涉及立場判斷、政治認同或與其原有價值觀難以契合時,他們則表現出緘默或抗拒的態度,這種衝突反應反而會加深其對華刻板印象。
Abstract While the globalization of Chinese media has been on the rise in recent years, the external image of China has not been concurrently updated. This highlights the important role of foreigners in China as “the other” (i.e., the intermediaries of communication) and trans-cultural groups in breaking the barriers to promoting the globalization of China’s story. Through in-depth interviews with 27 foreigners in China from eight major civilizations, this study aims to examine the communication deviations and limitations of China’s story from the perspective of “the other.” By analyzing original interview data through grounded theory, the study finds that first, because of the failure in mass communication of China’s story and the stereotypes prevalent in the overseas imagination of China, the image of China suffers from the obscurity of both the media mirror and the mutilated reality. Second, foreigners in China tend to discover and accept the cultural and economic story of a China with weak political attributes; they can, however, correct this communication deviation through a cognition of facts. However, when the newly acquired facts are entangled with their standpoint judgments and political identity or are incompatible with their original values, they show a tacit or resistant attitude, which deepens their stereotypes about China.


Citation of this article:
Wang, M., & Wang, L. (2022). Why does China’s story fail to touch “the Other”? The deviations and limitations of China’s story in terms of “breaking barriers” and “going global.” Communication and Society, 61, 127–159.
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