July  2022 61
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Returning to the Community: Writing Individual Memories into Collective Memory of the Third Front Units in the Era of Social Media—Taking the Wechat Official Account “STJ” as an Example
作者 辛文娟、張娜
Author Wenjuan XIN, Na ZHANG
關鍵詞 社交媒體、集體記憶、個體記憶、共同體、三線建設
Keywords social media, collective memory, individual memory, community, the third-front construction
摘要 社交媒體帶來了傳播權力結構的變化,通過賦權實現了記憶的民主化並使集體記憶進入公民化書寫的時代,分散的個體記憶因得以集中呈現而變得更有力量。本研究以中國西北部某三線單位為個案,考察社交媒體時代三線建設者的記憶方式和邏輯結構。研究發現,社交媒介通過時空重構使普通三線建設者在此交匯,為其賦予構建歷史的權力和機會。他們通過書寫、互動和情感共振將個人記憶不斷上升為集體記憶,在虛擬世界中重構想像的共同體,進而強化身份認同、重建心靈秩序。研究最後總結了從個體記憶到集體記憶的上升邏輯,並指出重構集體記憶是三線建設者的本體性需求,是他們進行身份想像的一個歸宿。
Abstract Social media has sparked changes in the structure of communication power and has led to the democratization of memory by empowering ordinary people and bringing the collective memory into the era of civic writing. These decentralized individual memories have become more powerful as they can now be centrally presented. This study examines the case of a third-front unit in Northwest China to investigate memory mode and logical structure of thirdfront builders in the era of social media. The present study finds that social media allows ordinary third-front builders to meet each other in virtual spaces through space-time reconstruction, giving them the power and opportunity to build history. Through writing, interaction, and emotional resonance, these builders constantly turn personal memories into collective memory, reconstruct the imaginary community in the virtual world, strengthen identity, and rebuild spiritual order. Finally, the study summarizes the logic arising from individual memories toward collective memory while pointing out that reconstructing collective memory is an ontological demand of third-front builders and a destination for their identity imagination.

辛文娟、張娜(2022)。〈重回共同體:社交媒體時代三線單位集體記憶的個人書 寫 —以STJ微信公眾號為例〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第61期,頁59–91。

Citation of this article:
Xin, W., & Zhang, N. (2022). Returning to the community: Writing individual memories into collective memory of the third front units in the era of social media—Taking the Wechat official account “STJ” as an example. Communication and Society, 61, 59–91.
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