July  2022 61
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The Visibility of Media Discourse Opportunities of Social Movements in Hong Kong and Its Influencing Factors (2002–2019)
作者 鍾智錦、周金金
Author Zhi-Jin ZHONG, Jin-Jin ZHOU
關鍵詞 社會運動、話語機會、媒體注意力
Keywords social movement, discourse opportunity, media attention
摘要 社會運動獲得的媒介話語機會強弱是影響運動發展和走向的關鍵因素。本文通過對2002至2019年間香港媒體對社會運動報導的注意力週期和報導量分析,識別了香港社會運動的142個訴求,並將其分為七大類型:要求制度政策變革、爭取人權自由、監督政府權力、爭取薪資待遇、反對開發拆遷、愛港愛國、社會民生。根據這些訴求所獲得的媒介注意力的持續度和投入度,構建了媒介話語機會可見性的操作化定義。本研究試圖揭示回歸以來香港社會運動媒介話語機會可見性的變化規律,以及探究影響話語機會可見性的結構性因素。研究發現,回歸以來,香港社會運動朝著訴求多元化方向發展,民生類訴求總體數量最多,政治類訴求的影響力最大。回歸初期,香港社會運動的媒介話語機會可見性趨於平穩,2006年後出現轉折,運動話語機會可見性整體呈上升趨勢。根據媒體注意力的強弱,可將近20年社會運動的話語機會可見性劃分為四個階段,分別為2002–2006年、2007–2011年、2012–2015年、2016–2019年,每個階段的話語機會可見性均體現出在特定的社會歷史環境下的特點。在歷年的社會運動中,政治訴求運動獲得的話語機會可見性顯著高於其他訴求;議題間的競合關係和政治、經濟結構性因素共同解釋了話語可見性的高低差異。
Abstract Media discourse opportunity is a key factor influencing the development and trend of social movements. Based on the analysis of the duration and the amount of media coverage of social movements in Hong Kong from 2002 to 2019, this study identifies 142 appeals of social movements and classifies them into seven categories: political reformation, human rights and freedom, surveillance on government authority, salary and welfare, environment protection, patriotism, and people’s livelihood. By examining the media attention (i.e., the duration and engagement of media coverage) that each appeal receives, this study constructs an operational definition of discourse opportunity visibility and attempts to explore the structural antecedents of this visibility. This study finds social movements in Hong Kong have been driven by diversified appeals. Movements that aim to improve people’s livelihood occur most frequently, while social movements targeting political reformation are the most influential. At the beginning of the Handover, the discourse opportunity visibility of social movements tended to be stable; however, a turnover (sharp increasing trend) occurred in 2006. This study divides the social movements in Hong Kong from 2002 to 2019 according to the strength of discourse opportunity visibility into four stages: 2002–2006, 2007–2011, 2012–2015, 2016–2019, with stage reflecting the characteristics of specific social and historical environments. Among the social movements over the years, the visibility of discourse opportunities obtained by political appeals is significantly higher than other appeals. The concurrent relationships between media agenda, together with the political and economic structural factors, explain the visibility of media discourse opportunities of these social movements.


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Zhong, Z.-J., & Zhou, J.-J. (2022). The visibility of media discourse opportunities of social movements in Hong Kong and its influencing factors (2002–2019). Communication and Society, 61, 25–57.
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