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The Dilemma of and Countermeasures for the Protection of the Creative Program Under the Arrow Information Paradox
作者 戴穎潔、顧玥
Author Yingjie DAI, Yue GU
關鍵詞 艾諾信息悖論、節目提案、創意保護、製播分離
Keywords Arrow information paradox, program proposal, creativity protection, commission
摘要 綜藝節目策劃提案過程中,製作方為了達成交易,必須向平台方披露創意,製作方便失去對創意的佔有;如果不向平台方披露創意,平台方則無從判斷節目優劣,無法完成交易;艾諾信息悖論由此產生。本研究依託深度訪談法,以「艾諾信息悖論」為理論視角,深入剖析節目創意保護難的原因,探究未來中國綜藝節目創意保護的路徑和對策。研究發現,創意界定不清晰、交易主體不對等、交易環境不規範、維權舉證難和成本高等因素,共同制約著節目策劃提案過程中的創意保護;通過給創意增加籌碼,優化製播分離形式,構建合理的創意交易關係,可一定程度上緩解艾諾信息悖論。
Abstract In planning and proposing a variety show, the producer must disclose creative ideas on the program platform to achieve an agreement. Therefore, the ideas will no longer be exclusive to the producer. Otherwise, the platform may not be able to estimate the quality of the show to finalize the agreement. This phenomenon is called the Arrow information paradox, based on this theory. This study analyzed the reasons for the difficulty and countermeasures for protecting the creativity of variety shows in China based on data collected in in-depth interviews. The findings showed that several factors, including the lack of a distinct definition of creativity, the imbalance among transaction parties, the nonstandard trading environment, and the obstacles in proving and paying for safeguarding rights, restricting the protection of variety shows during the planning and proposal stage. To some extent, the influence of the Arrow information paradox can be weakened by adding value to creativity, optimizing ways to separate production and broadcasting, and building rational transaction relationships.


Citation of this article:
Dai, Y., & Gu, Y. (2022). The dilemma of and countermeasures for the protection of the creative program under the Arrow information paradox. Communication and Society, 62, 177–205.
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