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Reconstructing a Comfortable Zone Online: User’s Self-Presentation in the Practice of Multiple Accounts—The Case of Alternate Weibo Account
作者 王昀、劉思佳
Author Yun WANG, Sijia LIU
關鍵詞 帳號、微博、自我呈現、公共性
Keywords account, Weibo, self-presentation, public
摘要 「用戶即帳號」是新媒介研究的共識。帳號錨定了流動的線上個體,是社交網絡中人們的在場標識。不過,當下互聯網生活的多重帳號實踐,為理解用戶行為帶來了更多挑戰。本研究將帳號作為一種媒介類型,針對考察微博小號現象,討論了多重帳號語境的個體行動及其對線上參與的影響。「小號」使用有著強烈的私人和自主性考量,發展出鮮明的去社交化特徵。與之相對,基於新帳號,用戶也不斷延伸現實社會關係、組織亞文化消費以及建立以陌生人為紐帶的圈層網絡。人們以不同訴求進行帳號實踐的過程,加速著個人印象管理的流動性,完成對社會交往邊界的再定義,並強化了日常文化消費中的社會關係生產。面對當下持續擴張的社交網絡生態,研究者有必要關注人們如何圍繞技術中介生成不同自我呈現方式,建立數字環境新的類型化生產模式,從而映射媒介化時代私人性與公共性複雜的互動脈絡。
Abstract “User is account” is a common consensus in new media studies. Online participation is anchored by account use, which is the mark of people’s presence in social networks. However, multiple accounts in contemporary online spaces present more challenges for researchers in understanding users’ behavior. Focusing on online accounts as a special media typology, this study explored individual actions in the context of multiple accounts and their influence on online participation by investigating the case of alternate account (xiaohao) in Weibo. Using an alternate account indicates strong private, personal, and autonomous intentions, as well as the distinct characteristic of desocialization. However, the users in this study also used new accounts to extend real social relationships, organize subcultural consumption, and establish connections with strangers. Account practices with different demands accelerate the liquidity of personal impression management, redefine social integration boundaries, and strengthen the production of social relations in daily cultural consumption. Considering the expansion of social networks today, future research should focus on the diverse ways in which people present themselves and establish a new typology of production in digital environments in order to map complex interactions between the private and public in the mediatization of everyday life.

王昀、劉思佳(2022)。〈重塑網絡「舒適圈」:多重帳號實踐中的用戶自我呈 現—基於微博小號現象之考察〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第62期,頁147–175。

Citation of this article:
Wang, Y., & Liu, S. (2022). Reconstructing a comfortable zone online: User’s self-presentation in the practice of multiple accounts—The case of alternate Weibo account. Communication and Society, 62, 147–175.
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