October  2022 62
Science Communication: Across Disciplines and Cultures
作者 對談人:邁克.舍費爾、宋韻雅、徐妙
Author Discussants: Mike S. SCHÄFER, Yunya SONG, Miao XU
摘要 「科技傳播研究在很早以前就已經具備了跨學科的特點,並且在長期的兼收並蓄之下,逐步形成了一個更統一、規模更大的跨學科學術社群。不過,隨著科技傳播的日臻成熟,近年也顯現出往獨立學科發展的趨勢。儘管跨學科的方式能夠採其他學科所長、受益於各領域的研究成果,學者們也始終面臨著一項考驗,那就是,如何能夠持續開展學科間的對話。」
Abstract Science communication is a maturing field of research that is increasingly institutionalized. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented heights to the relevance of science communication. As a leading figure in science communication, Professor Mike S. Schäfer elucidates the way in which science communication is as pluralistic in its research as it is in practice. In this dialogue, Professor Schäfer shares his views on the status quo and future directions of science communication, which concern its research paradigms, theory building, interdisciplinarity, contextualization, and communication practices. He also surveys the state of the discipline including emerging and cutting-edge areas, such as digital media, computational methods, politicization, and polarization. Finally, he provides valuable advice to students and junior scholars about the makings of a good researcher in science communication.


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Schäfer, M. S., Song, Y., & Xu, M. (2022). Science communication: Across disciplines and cultures. Communication and Society, 62, 1–29.
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