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Model of Cross-disciplinary Scholar: Citation Analysis of Klaus Krippendorff’s Academic Achievements
作者 蘇鑰機
Author Clement Y. K. SO
關鍵詞 克里彭多夫、內容分析、設計、控制論、引文分析
Keywords Klaus Krippendorff, content analysis, design, cybernetics, citation analysis
摘要 本文回顧克勞斯.克里彭多夫(Klaus Krippendorff)的學術生平和 成就。利用Google Scholar和Web of Science的引文資料,可以找到他 的主要著作、不同研究領域和學術影響。一些傳播學大師的引文數據 顯示,克里彭多夫在殿堂級學者中排名甚高。本文嘗試建構克里彭多 夫的學術概念網絡,並指出他學術研究的特點和成功之道。
Abstract This article reviews Klaus Krippendorff’s academic life and achievements. By using citation data from Google Scholar and Web of Science, we can identify his major works, different research fields, and academic influence. Citation data about some eminent communication scholars shows that Krippendorff has achieved a high ranking among them. This article tries to construct an academic conceptual network of his works, and points out the characteristics of his research works as well as the reasons for his success.


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So, C. Y. K. (2023). Model of cross-disciplinary scholar: Citation analysis of Klaus Krippendorff’s academic achievements. Communication & Society, 63, 269–288.
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