January  2023 63
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Examining the Impact of Exposure to COVID-19 Misinformation on Vaccine Hesitancy Among Beijing Residents
作者 金兼斌、魏然、郭靖
Author Jianbin JIN, Ran WEI, Jing GUO
關鍵詞 虛假信息接觸、錯誤觀念、疫苗負面態度、政府信任、疫苗猶豫
Keywords misinformation exposure, misinformation beliefs, negative attitudes of vaccine, trust in government, vaccine hesitancy
摘要 本研究探討新冠疫情相關虛假信息接觸影響公眾的疫苗接種態度的機制。基於理論和文獻探討,並結合中國社會的特點,我們提出了虛假信息接觸以錯誤觀念為中介,影響公眾疫苗接種態度的路徑模型。此外,我們將民眾的政府信任程度納入分析框架中,認為後者在公眾的疫苗接種問題上可能對虛假信息的影響具有沖抵效應。研究數據基於2021年8月委託專業調查公司對北京市進行的一次大型線上配額調查,有效樣本量為1,033。研究發現,疫情相關虛假信息接觸對人們疫苗接種態度的影響分直接影響和間接影響,而以錯誤觀念為中介的間接影響要顯著大於虛假信息接觸對疫苗負面態度的直接影響。政府信任與公眾的負面疫苗態度顯著負相關,顯示虛假信息接觸和制度信任對公眾疫苗接種態度的競爭性影響。我們對相關研究結果的理論和現實啟發性進行了討論。
Abstract This study attempts to explore how COVID-19 misinformation exposure affects the attitudes and behavioral intentions of people toward COVID-19 vaccination. On the basis of the review of relevant studies, we propose a theoretical framework in which misinformation beliefs and negative attitudes toward the vaccine are treated as mediating variables in the effect of misinformation exposure on vaccine hesitancy. Government trust is also included in our model to reflect the fact that institutional trust might function as a counterweighing factor in the vaccination decision making of an individual. The data are collected from a large-scale online survey in Beijing in August 2021, which yielded a sample of 1,033 respondents. Findings show that exposure to COVID-19 misinformation has both direct and indirect effects on negative attitudes toward the vaccine and that the size of indirect effects, as mediated by misinformation beliefs, is significantly bigger than that of the direct effect. Meanwhile, the counterweighing function of government trust is also verified, as it is negatively associated with the negative attitudes of the respondents toward COVID-19 vaccination. The social and theoretical implications of our findings are discussed accordingly.


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Jin, J., Wei, R., & Guo, J. (2023). Examining the impact of exposure to COVID-19 misinformation on vaccine hesitancy among Beijing residents. Communication and Society, 63, 239–267.
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