January  2023 63
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Risk Perception and Vaccine Hesitancy: A Survey Study of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Taiwan
作者 盧鴻毅、林冠承、趙麟宇
Author Hung-Yi LU, Guan-Cheng LIN, Lin-Yu CHAO
關鍵詞 新冠肺炎、計畫行為理論、疫苗接種
Keywords COVID-19, theory of planned behavior, vaccine uptake
摘要 在新冠肺炎疫情蔓延之下,民眾的風險感知如何?以及哪些因素影響台灣民眾接種新冠肺炎疫苗的意願?本研究自2021年5月29日至6月12日進行台灣地區的網路調查,共有803位受訪者完成填答,扣除已經接種疫苗的104位,未施打疫苗的有效問卷為699份。本研究發現,面對疫情威脅,台灣地區民眾存在「樂觀偏誤」,認為身邊的人比自己容易感染新冠肺炎。本研究並進一步以「計畫行為理論」(TPB)作為基礎,加入其他可能的影響因素,發展成「計畫行為理論延伸模式」(ETPB),試圖了解哪些因素會影響個人疫苗接種意願;透過迴歸分析發現,「對接種疫苗所抱持的態度」及「新聞慎思程度」顯著地預測受訪者接種疫苗的意願。本研究建議,強化民眾對接種疫苗的正向態度有其必要,且未來針對流行疾病的健康宣導內容不應只流於「告知」或「情緒」的內容,應多一些「說服」性訊息,以提升接種的意願。
Abstract This study explored risk perception and determinants of vaccine uptake among Taiwanese while facing the spread of COVID-19. An Internet-based survey was conducted in Taiwan from May 29 to June 12, 2021. A total of 803 respondents were recruited to complete the online questionnaire, and 699 cases (of which 104 respondents were vaccinated) were found to be valid and thus used for analysis. The finding of this study shows that the phenomenon of optimistic bias among the respondents was robust while facing the threat of COVID-19, indicating their belief that they are less likely to be infected with COVID-19 than their counterparts. The theory of planned behavior (TPB) was adopted to guide this study, and the extended TPB was developed by adding variables to investigate the determinants of individuals’ intention to get vaccinated. The results of regression analysis indicate that the attitude toward vaccination and news elaborations are significantly predictive of individuals’ intentions toward vaccine uptake. This study, therefore, suggests that a positive attitude toward vaccination is vital and that the use of persuasive messages will be more effective than informative and emotional messages if medical professionals intend to encourage individuals to get vaccines.


Citation of this article:
Lu, H.-Y., Lin, G.-C., & Chao, L.-Y. (2023). Risk perception and vaccine hesitancy: A survey study of the COVID-19 pandemic in Taiwan. Communication and Society, 63, 203–238.
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