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Knowledge, Negative Emotion and the Third-person Effect of Covid-19 Misinformation: A Study in Singapore
作者 張曉、魏然、邱林川
Author Grace Xiao ZHANG, Ran WEI, Jack Linchuan QIU
關鍵詞 新冠虛假信息、風險認知、第三人效果、反疫苗態度、對抗虛假信息之行動
Keywords Covid-19 misinformation, risk perception, third-person effect, anti-vaccine attitudes, actions against misinformation
摘要 新冠疫情伴隨虛假信息的廣泛傳播,成為國際社會面臨的重要挑戰。從第三人效果假設出發,本研究探討新冠虛假信息接觸所產生的對自己/他人影響的認知,以及該認知如何預測反疫苗態度與對抗虛假信息之行動。研究通過分層隨機抽樣訪問了1,025位新加坡市民,結果顯示個人對新冠虛假信息的接觸能夠通過知識水平,進而通過負面情緒影響疫情虛假信息「對自己影響的認知」及「對他人影響的認知」。同時,「對自己影響的認知」能夠顯著預測反疫苗態度和對抗虛假信息之行動;「對他人影響的認知」能夠顯著預測對抗虛假信息之行動。研究發現拓展了第三人效果研究文獻並增進對新冠虛假信息所產生的媒介效果以及相關機制的理解。
Abstract The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic accompanied by the widespread dissemination of misinformation has become a significant challenge for the global society. From the perspective of the third-person effect, this research aimed to explore how exposure to Covid-19 misinformation affects individuals’ perceived influence on their selves versus that on others, and the effect of such perceived influence on anti-vaccine attitudes and actions against misinformation. The study interviewed 1,025 Singaporeans through an online survey, and the results reveal that Covid-19 misinformation exposure could affect individuals’ perceived influence on their self and on others through knowledge and negative emotions. Perceived influence on the self was also found to be a significant predictor of both anti-vaccine attitudes and actions to counter misinformation, while perceived influence on others only significantly predicts actions against misinformation. These findings enrich the literature on third-person effect and enhance the understanding of broad media effects and related mechanisms of responses to Covid-19 misinformation during the pandemic.


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Zhang, G. X., Wei, R., & Qiu, J. L. (2023). Knowledge, negative emotion and the third-person effect of Covid-19 misinformation: A study in Singapore. Communication and Society, 63, 135–166.
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