April  2023 64
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Rhetorical Insights into Reform Movements
作者 肖小穗
Author Xiaosui XIAO
關鍵詞 改革運動、修辭學分析、文化視野、改革主體
Keywords reform movement, rhetorical analysis, cultural vision, subjectivity of reform
摘要 改革運動歷來是學術研究的熱門課題,遺憾的是,無論是就廣義的改革運動還是就最近40年來中國的媒體改革而言,我們至今缺少一個修辭學的視角。例如傳播學的學生和學者大多偏向傳播社會學的研究,或傳媒歷史學的研究,或媒體政治經濟學的研究;即便是從媒體的話語入手,也是偏重量化的內容分析或宏觀的結構性話語分析。從某個意義上說,修辭學視角的缺席意味著一個細緻入微的文化視野和一個審時度勢的改革「主體」的缺失。
Abstract Despite the significance and popularity of the topic of the reform movement in academic research, it has not been explored in an organized fashion from a rhetorical perspective in terms of either media reforms in China over the past 40 years or modern Chinese reforms in general. Most students and scholars of communication have preferred to apply a sociological, historical, or politicaleconomic approach to the topic. Even when discussing media reform discourse, previous studies have tended to rely on quantitative content analysis and discourse structural analysis. This essay argues that as far as reform movement studies are concerned, the lack of rhetorical insights into the movement implies the absence of both a meticulous cultural vision and the “subjectivity” of a movement that acts with purpose and skill.


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Xiao, X. (2023). Rhetorical Insights into Reform Movements. Communication and Society, 64, 207–238.
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