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An Analysis of Crisis Communication in the Joint Advertising Controversy of Durex and HEYTEA
作者 陳剛、杜翊銘、姚惠忠
Author Gang CHEN, Yi-Ming DU, Hui-Chung YAO
關鍵詞 危機傳播、形象修護理論、冒犯性、修正行動、聯名廣告
Keywords crisis communication, image repair theory, offensive, corrective action, joint advertising
摘要 本研究以內容分析法探討聯名廣告陷入危機的原因、回應策略與傳播效果,以及冒犯性影響組織聲譽與行為意圖之路徑。主要發現包括:(一)聯名企業陷入危機的原因不同,杜蕾斯廣告尺度越界、喜茶聯名對象不當;(二)修正行動並不完全,無助解決危機;(三)建構以冒犯性為核心的形象修護理論模型,情緒與組織聲譽是冒犯導致行為意圖的驅動因子。最後提出本研究結果的理論貢獻與管理意涵。
Abstract This study used a content analysis method to explore the causes of a co-branded advertising crisis, the crisis communication effects of response strategies, and the impact pathways of offensiveness on organizational reputations and behavioral intentions. The main findings were as follows: First, the reasons for the crises in cooperative enterprises differed. For example, Durex’s advertisement was too explicit, and Durex was an improper advertising partner to HEYTEA, which highlighted the importance of partner compatibility. Second, corrective actions were incomplete and thus ineffective. Third, based on the results, we constructed a theoretical model of image repair with offensiveness as its core. These findings indicate that emotions and organizational reputation are driving factors of offensiveness, which leads to behavioral intentions. The theoretical contributions and management implications of the findings of this research are discussed.


Citation of this article:
Chen, G., Du, Y.-M., & Yao, H.-C. (2023). An analysis of crisis communication in the joint advertising controversy of Durex and HEYTEA. Communication and Society, 66, 201–237.
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