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The Influence of Micro-Influencers through Appeal Types and Language Styles: A Case Study of Affordable Jewelry
作者 李雅靖、何宜玲
Author Ya-Ching LEE, I-Ling HO
關鍵詞 刻板印象內容模型、暗示效果、語言風格、輕奢珠寶、微網紅
Keywords stereotype content models, innuendo effects, endorsement style, affordable luxury, advertising appeal, micro-influencer
摘要 本研究應用刻板印象內容模型、暗示效果理論,探討微網紅人格特質、廣告訴求、語言風格對於輕奢珠寶代言人效果的影響。實驗發現:混合型微網紅代言人、溫暖型(能力型)微網紅搭配能力(溫暖)訴求,以及溫暖型(能力型)微網紅使用暗喻(明確)語言可產生較高的廣告態度;溫暖型微網紅搭配溫暖訴求和暗喻語言(相較於其他組合)可以產生較高的廣告效果。本研究開創代言人新適配方向,並提供實務建議。
Abstract This research applies the stereotype content model and innuendo effect theory to explore the effects of micro-influencers’ personality attributes, advertising appeal, and language style on spokespersons’ effects of promoting affordable luxury jewelry. The results demonstrated that the hybrid personality attributes generated more positive advertising effects. In addition, microinfluencers with warm (competence) personality attributes and competence (warm) appeal, those with warm (competence) personality attributes and implicit (explicit) language style, and those with warm personality attributes, warm appeal, and implicit language style were more persuasive than those who show other combinations of personality attributes. These findings have practical implications and provide a new path for finding suitable micro-influencer spokespersons.


Citation of this article:
Lee, Y.-C., & Ho, I-L. (2023). The influence of micro-influencers through appeal types and language styles: A case study of affordable jewelry. Communication and Society, 66, 97–133.
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