October  2023 66
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The Effects of Facebook and LINE on the Social Capital and Well-Being of Older Taiwanese Adults
作者 王嵩音
Author Song-In WANG
關鍵詞 中高齡、社群媒體、社會資本、幸福感、台灣傳播調查資料庫
Keywords older adults, social media, social capital, wellbeing, Taiwan Communication Survey
摘要 本研究旨在探討台灣中高齡族群使用臉書和LINE與社會資本以及幸福感之關聯。資料來源為台灣傳播調查資料庫2020年第二期第四次的資料,並選取母樣本中920位50歲以上者作為研究對象。研究發現中高齡者使用臉書對於連結型和橋接型社會資本都具有顯著的正向關聯,而使用LINE僅對於橋接型社會資本具有顯著正向關聯。本研究進一步證實中高齡者臉書和LINE使用對於幸福感並沒有直接的效果,而是透過社會資本的中介間接影響幸福感。
Abstract The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of Facebook and LINE on the social capital and wellbeing of Taiwanese adults aged 50 and older, based on data obtained from the 2020 Taiwan Communication Survey (TCS). The results showed that the use of Facebook by the sample of 920 respondents had a significant positive effect on both bonding and bridging social capital. However, their use of LINE had a positive effect only on bridging social capital. The results also confirmed the hypothesis that although the use of Facebook and LINE by Taiwanese older adults has no direct effect on wellbeing, it affects wellbeing through the mediation of social capital. The implications of the findings are discussed, and recommendations for future research are provided.


Citation of this article:
Wang, S.-I. (2023). The effects of Facebook and LINE on the social capital and well-being of older Taiwanese adults. Communication and Society, 66, 67–95.
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