October  2023 66
“Human-Machine Friendship is as Tranquil as Water”: A Critical Reading of the Virtual Academic Dialogue
作者 肖小穗
Author Xiaosui XIAO
摘要 《傳播與社會學刊》於7月中旬組織了一次虛擬的學術對談,由傳播學的資深學者組成的團隊在線上訪談了當時爆紅出圈的新聞「人物」——智能聊天機器人ChatGPT(基於3.5模型)。訪談涉及資訊氾濫、跨學科合作、人工智能應用於研究等一系列學科亟需解決的問題。為了獲得內容豐富的回應,同樣的訪談在7月下旬再重複進行了兩次。通過深入分析這三次訪談中GPT-3.5生成之文本的內容和意義結構,本文發現這個模型尚不具備深度學術對談的能力,它只能在一個淺顯的層面上理解和回答問題。本文還通過它答題時的言語行為模式追索到這一模型的一些結構性偏向和局限。本文因此不建議完全依賴這一模型及其提供的資訊。文章最後借用「君子之交淡如水」的古訓來說明人機交往應把持的尺度。我們希望與人工智能發展各方面的交往和合作,但兩者之間保持適當的距離其實有助於這一交往和合作健康持續地發展下去。
Abstract In mid-July 2023, Communication and Society organized a virtual academic dialogue. A team of senior communication scholars conducted an online interview with the then-popular AI, ChatGPT, based on the 3.5 model. The interview covered a range of pressing issues in the field, including information overload, interdisciplinary cooperation, and the application of AI and GPT in research. This same interview was repeated twice in late July for further insights. Through an in-depth analysis of the content and semantic structure of GPT’s responses across these three interviews, this article concludes that the 3.5 model does not yet have the capacity for a deep academic dialogue. It is only able to comprehend and respond to questions at a rudimentary level. Furthermore, the article identifies some structural biases and limitations of the 3.5 model based on its pattern of responses. Consequently, the article advises against complete reliance on this model and the information it provides. Drawing from the ancient Chinese adage “the friendship of gentlemen is as tranquil as water,” the article illustrates the need for appropriate balance in human-computer interaction. While we can look forward to increasingly open and in-depth interactions and collaborations with AI in the future, maintaining an appropriate distance is essential for the healthy and sustainable development of this cooperation.


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Xiao, X. (2023). “Human-machine friendship is as tranquil as water”: A critical reading of the virtual academic dialogue. Communication and Society, 66, 19–51.
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