October  2023 66
A Dialogue Between Chinese Communication Scholars and ChatGPT: Artificial Intelligence and Communication Research
作者 對談人:ChatGPT、李金銓、邱林川、馮應謙、魏然、周樹華、黃懿慧、陳韜文、黃煜、鍾布、宋韻雅、梁海、張引
Author Discussants: ChatGPT, Chin Chuan LEE, Jack Linchuan QIU, Ying Him FUNG, Ran WEI, Shuhua ZHOU, Yi-Hui HUANG, Joseph Man CHAN, Yu HUANG, Bu ZHONG, Yunya SONG, Hai LIANG, Nick Yin ZHANG
摘要 2023年7月,12位華人傳播學者與近來走紅的人工智能語言模型ChatGPT進行了一場學術對談。作為首次嘗試,《傳播與社會學刊》編委會發起本次對談,十幾位不同學派的華人傳播學者分別向ChatGPT提問,最終匯總成學術對談的內容。對談問答涉及傳播學科發展、跨學科合作、人工智能對傳播學界的挑戰和幫助等。我們不僅記錄了學者與ChatGPT的問答內容,也邀請了肖小穗和方可成兩位教授對問答內容進行批判性分析。由於版面限制,在本期學術對談中,我們節選了人機對談的精華部分,*同時將兩位老師的分析文章完整刊出,請讀者和我們一同參與這次獨特的學術對談,共同探討人工智能與傳播學研究的未來。
Abstract Initiated by Communication and Society, a group of 12 Chinese communication scholars engaged in an academic dialogue with the popular AI natural language model ChatGPT in July 2023. These communication scholars, who have different academic backgrounds and research interests, raised several sets of questions to query ChatGPT via OpenAI’s interface. The dialogue covered a wide range of topics, including recent developments in the field, the potential for interdisciplinary collaborations, and the unique challenges and contributions that AI brings to the field of communication and media studies. In addition to the Q&A, we invited two scholars, Prof. Xiao Xiaosui and Prof. Fang Kecheng, to provide critical readings of the dialogue to enrich this unique column. Due to limited space, we selected only the highlights of the AI-human dialogue for print in this issue, along with the two critical articles in full. We take this initiative as an exciting opportunity to engage scholars interested in understanding the impact of AI on the future of communication research.


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ChatGPT, Lee, C. C., Qiu, J. L., Fung, Y. H., Wei, R., Zhou, S., Huang Y.-H., Chan, J. M., Huang Y., Zhong, B., Song, Y., Liang, H., & Zhang, N. Y. (2023). A dialogue between Chinese communication scholars and ChatGPT: Artificial intelligence and communication research. Communication and Society, 66, 1–18.
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