October  2016 38
The Hostile Media Effects: A Founding Scholar Looks Back and Looks Forward
作者 對談人:馬克.萊珀、魏然
Author Discussants: Mark LEPPER, Ran WEI
摘要 「『天真現實主義』認為,個人從根本上相信自己對世界的認知是準確的、如實的。除去那些事關『品味』的領域(比如食品、電影或音樂鑒賞等),我們將自己對世界的感知視為標尺來衡量他人感知和認識的客觀與準確程度。天真現實主義在政治領域之外也啟發著我們,我們常常會看到平行現象的存在。引用George Carlin的話說:『你是否覺得路上每個比你慢的都是傻瓜,比你快的都是狂躁症?』若如此,無論你自己實際行進的速度快慢,我們每個人都認為自己的速度在當下的交通和道路情況中是最佳的選擇。」
Abstract Social psychologist Dr. Mark Lepper is the Albert Ray Lang Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. The seminal study he co-authored with his Stanford colleagues—“The hostile media phenomenon: Biased perception and perceptions of media bias in coverage of the Beirut Massacre” (Vallone, Ross, & Lepper,1985)—paved the way for a steady stream of subsequent media research in hostile media effects. Trained at Yale University in the tradition of Hovland’s persuasion work and mentored by presidential campaign consultant Robert Ableson, Dr. Lepper’s lifelong research focuses on motivation (intrinsic vs. extrinsic) and cognitive processes. His empirical research on attributional biases and inferential errors led to the theorization of hostile media effects (HME) phenomena. With a total of 328 cites in SSCI journal articles, HME has grown into a mainstream media effects theory. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the seminal 1985 study, Richard Perloff (2015) of Cleveland State University wrote a Milestone Essay in Mass Communication & Society, which returned HME to the spotlight. Riding on this momentum, the original researcher Mark Lepper looked back in this interview, to trace the theory’s deep intellectual roots, to speculate on its application in non-Western cultures such as China, as well as on future directions for research.


魏然(編)(2016)。〈敵意媒體效應:一位理論創建者的回顧與展望〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第38 期,頁1–36。

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Wei, R. (Ed.) (2016). The Hostile media effects: A founding scholar looks back and looks forward. Communication & Society, 38, 1–36.

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